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Print and the Future of Integrated Graphic Communications

Print and the Future of Integrated Graphic Communications

We live in a digital, interactive world.

Today, consumers have more choices and more channels to find and interact with information. To be successful, marketers must create a conversation with their customers. This means moving beyond print and leveraging new technologies such as mobile, social and online forums to ětalkî with their customers. This will challenge print service providers and marketing service providers to make significant product and service portfolio adjustments or establish partnerships that can fulfill the integrated marketing campaign value proposition. Those that make this shift will be able to expand their existing customer base as well as attract new customers. Those that donít, risk being stomped out by the new digital divide.

Read InfoTrends' perspectives on the future of the industry and where you need to be investing for long term success.

This white paper provides a summary of the issues and opportunities facing technology vendors and service providers as the market transitions towards integrated graphic communications. This paper is based on comments made by InfoTrends President Jeff Hayes during his keynote speech at this year's ON DEMAND Conference and Exposition.


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