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New InfoTrends Study Focuses on North American and European Clone Cartridge Market

(Weymouth, MA) March 25, 2014...InfoTrends is pleased to announce a new study that focuses on the impact of newly-made compatibles (NMCs), for inkjet and laser cartridges in terms of market share as well as how these products impact the industry. This study is broken out into two main regions of the North American and European clone cartridge market. It makes distinctions between all newly made compatible cartridges as a broad term and clones which are a subset of NMCs and suggest and exact copy. Penetration of NMCs in North America and Europe have some interesting differences and Europe generally sees more NMCs than the North American market.

Because resellers are the route to market for clones, there is a strong need to understand what the channels believe or do not believe about clones, their awareness across various risk factors on clones and what education is required in the channel to potentially reduce the negative impact of clones on the channels themselves and the industry. The focus of this need appears to be the Internet channels, but this research will not ignore traditional channels.

InfoTrends has found that awareness with NMCs vary by channel. Large wholesalers, large chain retailers and large contract stationers are understood to be very aware of possible risks associated with NMCs and consequently are minor participants in the sale of NMCs. The exception is for NMC where the understanding is that patent issues, if they even exist, are small and easily circumvented and where remanufactured cartridges don’t exist or are in very short supply.

In both regions, OEMs and remanufacturers name price, quality, reliability, and variable IP infringement issues as the biggest differences between reman and NMCs. Neither group is happy about having to compete against a product that is 30% of the OEM  price and may also be infringing patents.

“More action needs to taken to make the Internet specialists who do sell suspect products realize that there are risks,” says John Shane, Director of InfoTrends’ Communications Supplies Consulting Service. “While difficult, OEMs could work together to target some high-profile offenders. Combined efforts could be a more effective deterrent than each OEM acting on its own.”

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