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InfoTrends Announces New Study on Opportunities and Challenges in B2 Digital

(Weymouth, MA) April 30, 2014...InfoTrends is pleased to announce a new study entitled Opportunities and Challenges in B2 Digital which focuses on the market for B2 and larger sheet fed color digital presses, based on both electrophotographic and inkjet technologies.

B2 and larger format color digital presses are forming a new, exciting wing of the digital print market in 2014, a dynamic segment that will be influential for many years to come. Sheet fed, full color digital presses for B2 and “B2+” format media starred at drupa in 2012 and since then the commitment of key suppliers to such printers has only grown, as has the interest of prospective users. “Today, the ‘B2’ digital press market is at a tipping point,” says Bob Leahey, Associate Director for InfoTrends’ Color Digital Labels & Packaging Service.  “More than 100 presses in this class have been placed globally; meanwhile, more B2 models and even some larger ‘B1’ models are about to launch, and multiple vendors will need major placements to justify their big investments.” Leahey added that several top digital press vendors are competing in the B2 and “B2+” market, such as Fujifilm, HP Indigo, Konica Minolta, Landa, Océ, and Screen.

This study will provide unprecedented research into the most important new class of digital printers that the market has seen in many years. This research will answer questions such as:

  • What do users of the B2 presses installed so far say are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • What applications are these first users printing, in what volumes, with what media?
  • What applications are growing? Which are new?
  • What do these first users want from B2 presses that they are not getting now?
  • Who are the customers for B2 format printing? Can new customers be attracted to B2 digital?
  • In the larger market, are big commercial printers and packaging converters aware of B2 systems? Are they considering them?
  • What features, financial or other considerations will spur non-users to buy B2 presses?
  • What factors do current and prospective users say will allow them to prosper as B2 press owners?

For more information or to become an early subscriber, please visit our online brochure or contact Scott Phinney at 781 616 2123 or

Early subscriber rates are available through May 15, 2014.

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