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New Advances in the Digital Camera Market Will Drive Increased Purchase Activity According to InfoTrends Studies

(Weymouth, MA) July 10, 2014…New technology advancements are continuously changing the digital camera market, which give consumers good reason to upgrade or replace current cameras. According to InfoTrends’ digital camera tracking index, over 40% of the camera models introduced in 2013 had wireless capability built-in, which is up significantly from 15% in 2012. As connectivity, whether built-in vs optional or Wi-Fi vs cellular, finds its way into more cameras, it will make the task of sharing with friends and family easier. Making photo sharing easier and more convenient will better enable digital cameras to compete with the popular smartphone, whether users want to share using email, text message, or upload to Facebook.

InfoTrends’ Digital Camera End-user Survey Analysis: United States considers the way in which user demographics are changing, highlights the segments that should be targeted in various marketing efforts, and uncovers what consumers are doing with their growing digital photo collections. InfoTrends also highlights in this study that promoting camera upgrades and repeat purchases are keys to success in this market. Over half of the consumers surveyed reported areas where their current camera was falling short of their needs. These consumers are more likely to upgrade their cameras if they realize the issues they report in older cameras are resolved in newer models. Common areas of concern included battery life, low-light capture capabilities, and lack of Wi-Fi connectivity. Digital camera vendors should focus marketing messages on issues such as these, and how they have improved with newer models. Viral forms of marketing including blogs, social networks, and video sharing are effective tools to complement traditional advertising methods.

Other research from InfoTrends’ Consumer Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera Study also reveals promising insight into the digital camera market. The new crop of advanced point & shoot cameras that offer larger image sensors is raising the image quality bar for the digital camera category as a whole. Point & shoot cameras with larger image sensors are increasing in popularity and could possibly compete with the higher level DSLR and CILC cameras due to their level of image quality, compact size, and built-in optical zoom lenses. For many people, a point & shoot camera with a larger image sensor will be more appealing because it retains the familiar form factor on a point & shoot camera, and does not require learning a new camera system.

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