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InfoTrends Takes a Look at What’s Ahead for the U.S. “Point of View” Imaging Market

(Weymouth, MA) July 23, 2014…InfoTrends is pleased to announce a new study on the U.S. “point of view” (POV) imaging market. This study will provide vendors and service providers with information to help them understand how POV imaging is likely to evolve, and what cameras, accessories, software, applications, and services will help satisfy consumers’ unmet (or unrealized) needs. It will also consider how big the revenue opportunity may be, and how vendors might be able to capitalize on future growth.

Action cameras have evolved beyond extreme sports into the everyday lives of ordinary people allowing them to tell their stories from their point of view. For some, these cameras are feeding into the “selfie” phenomenon by allowing them to transcend still images to videos of themselves. To date, cameras and accessories have been the main sale drivers. But as more video is captured, opportunities are opening up for software, apps, and services that help consumers to edit, store, share, and even live-stream their videos.

Looking ahead, the point-of-view market will be expanding into new territories. InfoTrends expects to see new implementations and applications of POV devices, particularly in the way of new form factors, such as wearable cameras and heads up displays, new features introduced that take advantage of new imaging technologies and instant connectivity, and new services that support the sharing, editing, storage, organization and management of the content collected from everyday life.

The U.S. “Point of View” Imaging Market study will use a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods to consider questions about the POV imaging market including the following:

  • What are the different user groups?
  • What do current and potential device owners know about today’s POV imaging market?
  • What are the unmet device needs?
  • What type of content is being captured today, and what are today’s use cases?
  • How is content being shared, stored, viewed?
  • What types of software, services, and apps will drive adoption and usage of more devices, and broaden the base of users?
  • Is there an untapped accessories opportunity?
  • What is next for the POV imaging segment?
  • Differences between consumer usage and pro usage.

For more information on this study, please visit our online brochure or contact Matt O’Keefe at or 781 616 2115.

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