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November 12, 2008

November 13, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

State of the Industry Address

Speaker: Jon Reardon, Group Director, InfoTrends

Jon Reardon will open the Office Document Strategy Conference with InfoTrends' Annual State of the Industry Address. Pulling from the latest forecast and research data, Reardon will give a macro level view of the office document solutions industry today and provide an outlook for the future.

Keynote: Maintaining the Path to Success

Speaker: Rick Dastin, President, Xerox Office Group

2008 has been an exciting and somewhat challenging year for all industries. The US is going through a new presidential election; the economy is challenged; and rising prices such as those related to fuel and commodities are taking effect. The office equipment industry may not have seen the affects of all of these issues, but in a time of market uncertainty we cannot lose focus on strategy, maintaining the path to success where our roots have come from.

Xerox has focused on many of the topics that we will be discussing throughout the conference, which range from channels, professional services, and sustainability to solutions. Xerox has also maintained its position in demonstrating leadership in color. Rick Dastin, President of Xerox’s Office Group, will discuss how Xerox has remained focused on key strategies and how they plan to pull forward and be successful in the critical and pivotal years ahead.

Session 1: An Exploration of Channel Dynamic

Speaker: Bob Goldberg, General Counsel

Channel consolidation has been accelerating at a rapid pace. The acquisition activity is being led by vendors acquiring dealers, both as a means of expanding their direct operations as well as protecting the dealer portion of their distribution channels. This session will discuss the importance of being multi-channel in today’s market, examine channel strategies, and cover some of the challenges facing vendors that use dealer and direct channels of distribution.

Session 2: A Look at the New Standard in Services

Speaker: Anthony Spaziante, Executive Director, Technology Software and Support, Océ

InfoTrends has often spoken about the importance of Professional Services as a key differentiator in the office equipment market. As a matter of fact, when all things are equal, from hardware to software, it will be the interactions involved in the delivery of services to customers that will be the key differentiator.

Océ has been established and recognized over the years as a premier Professional Services organization delivering exceptional services to its customers. Learn how this company has been able to differentiate itself from its competitors by delivering excellence in Professional Services.

Session 3: Solutions at the Heart of Things

Speaker: Ed McLaughlin, President, Sharp

For several years, InfoTrends has been discussing solutions in terms of adoption, growth rates, pull through, and platforms. Some equipment vendors have made solutions a core part of their businesses, incorporating them into their strategies, messaging, and growth plans, while others have merely dabbled while waiting for other vendors to demonstrate success.

Sharp Electronics has put a stake in the ground and created a business strategy around solutions. Ed McLaughlin, President of Sharp’s SIICA organization, will talk about the reasons why they have focused their business around a solutions strategy, what they are currently doing to promote this strategy, and the success they are seeing from this initiative.

Session 4: Sustainability – It Can Be Easy Being Green

Speaker: Mike Rich, President & CEO, Equitrac

The environment has taken the front seat in many corporate initiatives in the U.S.. In fact, we are even seeing a stronger push for a greener environment in the media. While this is surprising, as the business world is highly focused on output, even the biggest manufacturers are talking about sustainability, carbon foot printing, and wasting less to ensure a healthier planet for generations to come.

Solutions can play a big part in following through on the sustainability message. There are some that can prevent waste or force users to be less wasteful. Equitrac, primarily known for its cost recovery and authentication solutions, will discuss its sustainability solutions for a greener world in this session.

Session 5: Profit from Customer Relationship Management

Speaker: Darrell Amy, President, Dealer Marketing Systems

Research has shown that it can cost up to six times more to get a prospect to buy from you than it does to keep an existing customer, and it can be 16 times easier to sell to an existing customer than a new one. How easy is it for businesses today to gain an intimate knowledge of their customers’ needs, wants, and buying patterns?

In this session, Daryl Amy will talk about the importance of customer intimacy, understanding customers’ pain points and issues, and gaining knowledge of your competitors to execute an effective sale and increase you closing success rate.

Session 6: The Buzz about Managed Print Services

Speaker: Paul Schulman, Global Imaging, Xerox

Lately there has been quite a buzz around managed print services and the potential to capture all pages within a customer environment. As many vendors begin to roll out their print strategies, it is important for them to understand how to penetrate a customer’s environment that already has a print strategy. There are obvious advantages to capturing all of a company’s pages, but there are also other issues to address when offering managed print services to customers, such as when offering support, maintenance and break fix service to a fleet that you may not be able to handle or support.

Global Imaging has demonstrated a proven method when engaging customers into an MPS strategy. Paul Schulman will talk about what it takes to be successful and some of the obstacles that can arise when engaging in an MPS strategy.

Session 7: Compliance as a Solutions Driver

Speaker: Thaddeus Bouchard, CTO, Omtool

Compliance has always been an outside driver that has spurred the usage of electronic capture, workflow, and management of documents. Today companies are looking for different ways to mitigate risk when it comes to compliance. There are risks related to failing to adhere to federally mandated compliance initiatives as well as risks and costs associated with e-discovery.

In this session, Thaddeus Bouchard, an industry expert on the subject of compliance capture, will discuss compliance initiatives, how those initiatives can affect companies, and how to put together the ecosystem of solutions to deliver a compliance solution.

Session 8: Making Connections

Speaker: Bill DeStefanis, Senior Director of Business Development, eCopy

Not only must solutions providers today have compelling and competitive features surrounding their products, but they must also have the connections to other solutions that are necessary to deliver turnkey solutions to customers. In a different context, connections with the right people must be established, cultivated, and managed for a relationship to work.

Not only has eCopy established itself as a standard platform for scanning on today’s MFPs but it has also demonstrated its ability to create the most connectors to other applications in the industry. With a compelling product and strategy, eCopy has been able to garner these relationships and deliver a winning proposition for its customers, partners, and itself.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Breakfast Briefing: A Comprehensive Review of the Office Imaging Market

Robert Palmer, Director, InfoTrends

Enjoy a buffet style breakfast while InfoTrends analysts provide a detailed review of the U.S. office imaging market supported by our forecasts and primary research. During this session we will highlight market activity by key segments and provide analysis on major trends impacting hardware sales and revenue growth. What is the impact of A4-size MFPs on the traditional copier market and what does the future hold for the A3 versus A4 debate? How are ink-based technologies beginning to penetrate the office workgroup segment and how might technologies such as Memjet, Xerox solid ink, and HP’s Edgeline cause further disruption? What is happening with color penetration and what factors will fuel continued growth of color in the office? These questions and many more will be addressed as InfoTrends provides you with the insight and information you need to stay ahead of important market developments.

Keynote: Can SharePoint Become Your ECM Solution: Developing the ECM Ecosystem

Robert Turner, Business Development Manager, Fujitsu
Ron Cameron, President, KnowledgeLake
Kimberly T. Nelson, Director, eGovernment and Health and Human Services, US Public Sector Government Solutions, Microsoft

Over 75 million licenses of SharePoint have been sold worldwide. Many of these customers are having difficulty in deploying the ECM portion. Leaders from the analyst and industry community will discuss the capabilities of SharePoint and what tools are needed to truly unlock the value.

Session 9: The Next Generation MPS Consultant

Speaker: Robert Newry, Co-Founder, NewField IT

Managed Print Services has taken on a new meaning for many providers as there are many elements that can be delivered in a service. This Next Generation MPS Consultant must be intimately engaged in a customer's business, understand their print and copy environments and act more as a partner than just another vendor.

This session will talk about this new generation MPS consultant, some of the attributes required, what are the things he/she needs, the tools in their tool kits and where they can focus to help address customers requirements as it relates to Managed Print.

Session 10: Financial Analyst Perspective

Shannon Cross, Managing Director, Cross Research
Jay Vleeschhouwer, Managing Director, Merrill Lynch

The roster of players in the imaging and printing business continues to fluctuate due to mergers, acquisitions, and attrition. Meanwhile, those vendors that are already entrenched are doing all they can to bolster their competitive position by broadening channel coverage and expanding into new markets. Each year during the ODS conference, we assemble a stellar list of leading financial analysts who track vendors in the imaging and printing space. This panel will discuss the performance of various vendors and provide insight into how well these vendors are dealing with evolving market conditions.

Session 11: Case Study - Developing the Solutions and Channel Ecosystem

Thomas Schneck, President, DocuWare
Paulo Theophilo, Vice President, Simpress S/A

The office equipment dealer channel has been challenged to embrace software as part of their solutions offerings, but some still struggle with making the leap into the software solutions business. According to InfoTrends’ channel forecast on solutions, the dealer channel is currently lagging behind direct and IT resellers, and will lag by more than 50% compared to the other 2 channels by 2012.

DocuWare has developed a proven go-to-market strategy for the office equipment dealer channel that will be shared with participants. In addition, one of DocuWare’s dealers will discuss the success they have attained as a solutions provider using DocuWare’s proven strategy.

Session 12: Case Study - Accelerate Success through Services

Peter Davey, Director of Professional Services, Toshiba
John Bihr, VP of Sales, Toshiba

In a professional service engagement, the products, whether hardware or software, are no more than tools to be leveraged for achieving a much larger goal. Professional services, while intangible, can be a powerful platform for creating a new set of capabilities for your organization. Project management, assessment services, and workflow analysis can combine to create a portfolio of competency that extends beyond just products. Very often developing and implementing a proven methodology for marketing such services can provide the focus necessary for ultimate success in the services business.

This session will discuss best practices in professional service engagements and provide insights for developing ecosystems.

Session 13: Case Study - Creating Stickiness with Customized Solutions

Speakers: Patrick Maher, President & Founder, SRC Solutions

Having a complete solutions tool kit is a good start to providing the right ecosystem for a particular customer environment, but tying these solutions together neatly may not be that easy. InfoTrends has seen that solutions that are tied specifically to customer’s environments and workflow requirements are easier to grasp and adopt within an organization. Once more, these solutions can be customized and tailored with the user interface; customers can clearly understand and embrace the concept.

SRC Solutions, a Systems Integrator, has developed several of these customized interfaces for MFPs that have demonstrated high value to their customers. In some cases, these tailored and simplified workflows have shrunk customer workflows that used to take several months down to a matter of days and sometimes hours.

Session 14: Case Study - Addressing Sustainability Issues Today
Provide Positive Results for Tomorrow

Chris Wyszkowski, Vice President Professional Sales, Equitrac
Shell Haffner, Worldwide Product Manager, Xerox

One of the burning issues facing humankind today is sustainable preservation of the global environment. Society requires a commitment to achieving economic growth and environmental conservation in business activities. It seems that customers, rather than government legislation, are the real driving force of this change. When it comes to our industry, we know that the paperless office is a utopia and that paper will remain the favorite medium used in business to convey information. Businesses, therefore, are encouraged to find new ways to print more efficiently in a secure and optimized environment. Equitrac’s suite of document output management solutions has been designed to help a company reduce the consumption of natural resources and limit its carbon footprint for a happier Return on Environment (RoE).

Session 15: Case Study – Optimizing Business Environments with Managed Print Services

Brian Anderson, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Netaphor
Mike Rosati, Key Account Solutions Manager, Konica Minolta

Managed Print Services provide customers with an outsourced approach to their output and print environment. Customers also benefit from having their environments optimized, as the resulting efficiency can save them money.

In this session, Netaphor and Konica Minolta will present a case study around their managed print services offering with a major cosmetics customer. This offering demonstrated and delivered upon optimization and outsourced services, reduced spending, and created efficiencies around their print and output environments.

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