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The TransPromo Revolution: The Time Is Now!

Today’s consumers are drowning in a sea of unrelated marketing campaigns that are being delivered through all types of media channels. Corporate marketers are seeking new methods of communication that cut through the clutter of marketing messages that consumers are exposed to every day. Many are turning to transpromotional, or TransPromo, advertising to ensure that their messages stand out and get noticed by consumers.

Effective offers are directed toward individual consumers and their specific needs. TransPromo applications can be leveraged to build relevant custom communications that differentiate the message in transaction documents. When a message is aimed at the millions, it rarely moves anyone. With TransPromo, marketers have the opportunity to target marketing messages in very unique and focused ways.

Simply stated, the term TransPromo refers to a transaction document that contains of a promotional message that is positioned alongside essential transactional information. While it is true that businesses have been using statement inserts for promotional purposes for over 60 years in an approach that could be described as transpromotional, the benefit of those inserts has declined as their novelty has worn off. In fact, many recipients of traditional transaction documents simply open their mail over the wastebasket and dispose of the inserts without looking at them. So while the concept of including marketing information with statements is certainly not new, marketers can now provide those marketing messages using a new method that has been proven to attract maximum attention and drive higher levels of action.

Because 95% of transaction documents are opened and read, they provide an excellent vehicle for reaching customers with other types of messages and information. Studies have shown that on average, a consumer will spend one to three minutes reviewing a bill—that is how much time the marketer has to capture a recipient’s attention when using the transactional document as a marketing tool. There is no question that TransPromo implementation carries an incremental cost, but many marketers are finding that their return on investment from TransPromo communications more than offsets this cost.

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