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Can Camcorders Compete with Other Video Capable Devices?

Not too long ago, camcorders were the only device used for capturing videos. Today, chances are that even if a person does not own a camcorder, they are likely to already own a device with video capability (i.e., digital camera or mobile phone). The use of such devices for video capture has had a negative impact on the use of camcorders in Western Europe.

Camcorders face serious competition from digital cameras and mobile phones. InfoTrends’ end-user research found that a majority of Western European camera owners report using their digital camera or mobile phone most often for capturing video clips.

For camcorders to successfully compete with these devices, camcorder vendors need to address the features that make competitive devices more desirable. InfoTrends recommends that vendors and retailers increase marketing efforts. Camcorders still possess superior video quality compared to most video-enabled devices, and this must be the focus of the campaign. Vendors and retailers should target those who are interested in capturing full length videos as well as show consumers what they can do with their camcorder beyond pointing and shooting video. Demonstrating creative video output will be more enticing than a simple mention of video functionality in a specification sheet.

Digital camera manufacturers should also enhance the video experience. Video capture should be as straightforward as taking a photo and sharing should be made just as simple. The ease of importing videos from the digital camera is just as important as the ease of capturing videos. Making the task of downloading videos effortless will further encourage consumers’ video capture activities. InfoTrends recommends that digital camera bundled software also include as much emphasis on video editing as photo editing. Making the process of editing videos enjoyable will encourage further use of the video feature.

InfoTends’ Digital Camera Video Capture: 2012 European Digital Photography Survey was conducted among Internet-connected households in France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. This report examines digital camera video capture trends, including the frequency in which videos are captured, how videos are shared, subjects and events taken, as well as the impact that digital cameras and mobile phones have on camcorder ownership and use. For more information, please visit our online store or contact Stephanie Tose at +1 781 616 2103 or


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