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Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are critical elements of long-term business growth and profitability. For mature segments of the imaging and document technology industries, customer satisfaction is particularly important because of limited new growth prospects. Nevertheless, higher customer satisfaction and loyalty can have a much broader impact on your business by enabling you to:

  • Achieve lower costs of selling
  • Increase repeat purchases from existing customers
  • Improve brand equity or price premium
  • Increase retention rates for supplies sales
  • Enable faster roll out and ramp up of new products and services
  • Leverage satisfaction rates in marketing messages to attract new customers
  • Create a pool of referrals for capturing new accounts
  • Improve employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention

In many cases customer satisfaction and loyalty are not simply based on how well your product performs. Customers tend to have a more holistic view of their experience and what satisfies them. As part of our customer satisfaction research, InfoTrends can work with you to identify the key components driving customer loyalty, including:

  • Identifying what the customer values
  • Examining critical touch points with the customer
  • Understanding the impact of your channel on customer satisfaction
  • Examining the impact of billing and administrative issues on satisfaction
  • Identifying specific sources and causes for low customer satisfaction
  • Quantifying the business impact from improving customer satisfaction
  • Benchmarking your customer satisfaction vs. competitors
  • Assessing the differences in customer satisfaction by market segment
  • Examining the relationship between business processes and customer satisfaction

InfoTrends specializes in working with document and imaging technology vendors to assess customer satisfaction and loyalty. We can help you develop systematic changes that will lead to improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty. More importantly, we can help you prioritize your initiatives, measure their impact, and provide objective feedback on your progress.

Contact InfoTrends to discuss how we can help you assess and improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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