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New Market Opportunities

Nothing is more important for any enterprise than to find and exploit new market opportunities. Even when business is robust, there is always the need to hunt for new turf, to guard against the time when a strong product or service category will become static or declining. Skill in finding new market opportunities is the lifeblood of business worldwide.

New market opportunities spring from a range of possible sources and vary in their size, importance, and risk. The list of places to look includes the following:

  • Different uses for an established imaging or document technology
  • Alternate or improved imaging or document technology
  • Alternate offerings of service models, supplies, and other annuities
  • New geographic regions
  • New demographic or vertical industry segments

For marketers of imaging and document equipment, software, and supplies, the task of investigating possibilities beyond their existing markets requires judgment, energy, creativity, and objectivity.

InfoTrends can help your company with this critical task. Moving into new markets can be a costly undertaking with unknown benefits. Our company has experienced research staff to help you identify and choose new markets, and to weigh in advance the prospects, costs, probabilities, and risks of those choices.

InfoTrends is a cost-effective consulting partner with extensive experience in helping companies analyze and enter new markets. We work closely with clients on a variety of issues, including:

  • Identifying and characterizing key market participants
  • Describing customers’ usage model and purchasing behavior
  • Sizing and forecasting market demand
  • Profiling existing competitors
  • Testing product/service concepts and pricing sensitivity
  • Assessing brand awareness and strength
  • Understanding channel dynamics, structure, and go-to-market requirements
  • Identifying potential partners

Contact InfoTrends to discuss how we can help you investigate new market opportunities for your company.


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