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Evolution of the Cross-Media Marketing Service Provider

Publication Date: July 2011


Print is only one component in today’s complex communications channel, where value is derived from combining media options. Success in the new media world demands that firms move from print service providers to cross-media and marketing services providers. This requires business repositioning and redefining the overall value proposition. New products and services must be incorporated into the service provider’s offerings, and staff must be trained on how to sell and execute these new business components.

Making these types of changes is essential to providing relevant and effective communications. Nevertheless, there are many areas that must be addressed in making this transition. Organizations must establish pricing models as well as compensation plans for value-added capabilities, and they are tasked with determining how to invest in the equipment and software required in delivering these new services. They must also gain a solid understanding of the next phase in the cross media and marketing services evolution, in terms of how the market will embrace print, online, social, mobile, and whatever media comes next.

To investigate how best to approach this new opportunity, InfoTrends is conducted a study entitled Evolution of the Cross-Media Marketing Service Provider. This study uncovers the critical steps and go-to-market strategies powering the evolution that is beginning to take place.


This study strives to:

  • Define the key cross-media and marketing services offered by firms achieving desired levels of revenue growth and profitability
  • Understand the essential modifications to business plans to drive a cross-media and marketing services business ranging from pricing to compensation
  • Identify vendor support services making a difference in the shift
  • Uncover the critical support required by firms struggling to evolve
  • Identify the go-to-market strategies of firms that have successfully evolved into cross-media and marketing services provider
  • Define the critical marketing and sales approaches used to reposition firms and reach the right target market
  • Provide recommendations to develop strategies that succeed
  • Provide charts, tables, and graphs highlighting evolution steps and best practices
  • Offer case studies to guide sales offerings that reflect market reality
  • Deliver presentations to arm sales and technical staff with market intelligence

Optional Research

As an add-on to the study, subscribers can purchase additional research on the underlying financial models for success. As part of the analysis, InfoTrends will also publish a special report that assesses the pricing structure for cross-media and marketing services. As firms move into a world that blends print, mobile, social media, and online, understanding the underlying pricing structures is critical. InfoTrends will analyze how firms are pricing for key services ranging from the creation of Web pages and multi-channel campaigns to data warehousing and analytics. Respondents will also be asked how pricing is being presented to clients.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of a research study that will solidly document the evolution, reveal the strategies that yield success, and identify where the profit opportunities reside.

Getting Started

For more information on the study or to make a purchase, contact Jennifer Skerrett at +1 781 616 2100 ext. 111 or e-mail


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