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Customer Communication Management - Overcoming Implementation Challenges in Enterprises

Published: August 2013

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For more information, join Kaspar Roos as he discusses a new multi-client study that will examine how to overcome CCM implementation challenges.


The communication landscape is rapidly evolving. Digital, online and mobile communication channels provide new opportunities for enterprises to interact with their customers in more efficient ways, while developments such as color printing and on-statement, personalized messaging increase the value of the printed piece as well. CCM solutions provide the technology to manage and distribute those communications holistically, however one of the key challenges today is the growing disconnect between the potential of CCM technology to deliver those cutting-edge communication strategies and the ability of enterprises to implement them. Difficulties in software infrastructures, skills and resource deployment, misalignment of stakeholders, regulatory compliance or other factors may limit the ability of the enterprise to implement or advance its CCM strategy.

In this study, we will identify and categorize different approaches to implementation, and come up with best practices to overcome the challenges of each scenario if common development scenarios exist. Another consequence of taking a more stepped  approach to CCM is that enterprises should put a heavier weight on the vendors’ architectural strength and solution sophistication when evaluating  suppliers. On the face of it, most vendors offer comparable functionalities and without understanding the benefits that a specific architecture or solution brings in terms of future flexibility and scalability, enterprise buyers may very well be at risk of making suboptimal buying decisions. A second objective of this study therefore is to provide much-needed tools as well as independent 3rd party validation of the architectural strengths and benefits of solutions that help enterprises take this more holistic approach.

The CCM market has seen very healthy growth but future growth may be impaired as enterprises struggle to implement the solutions they (think they) have bought. This study aims to provide CCM vendors, many that have invested heavily in this market, with the insights, tools, strategies and best practices to help their enterprise customers advance their CCM strategies.

Project Objectives

  • Identify and categorize common CCM development phases
  • Identify, categorize and analyze CCM implementation challenges by scenario or development phase
  • Understand how new technology developments such as cloud computing can help overcome implementation challenges
  • Provide tools and strategies, such as whitepapers, case studies, best practices and assessment scorecard/framework that allow enterprises to understand, assess and overcome implementation challenges
  • Provide independent 3rd party research to participating CCM vendors to validate architectural strength or solution sophistication in light of CCM implementation trajectories

Analysis & Project Deliverables

InfoTrends will perform an extensive analysis to develop an understanding of the issues and opportunities surrounding the CCM market and its implementation barriers. Subscribers of the study will receive:

  • Written Report detailing interviews, key findings and recommendationss
  • Management presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Tool kit for enterprises to assess CCM state and provide recommendations for advancing CCM, which includes a scorecard and case studies detailing best practices
  • Whitepaper showing InfoTrends research how solution sophistication and architectural strength can overcome implementation barriers
  • On-site briefing (optional)

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Scott Phinney at 781-616-2123 or e-mail


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