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The U.S Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera Study Series

Part of InfoTrends' DILC multi-client research study series


2014 represented a year of change in the digital camera market, with significant decreases in unit shipments and sales across multiple global regions. Nevertheless, InfoTrends expects the ILC market to remain profitable for innovative imaging companies that continue to introduce new products and respond to consumers’ needs. Vendors that understand the attitudes, needs, desires, and purchasing decision drivers of current ILC owners, point and shoot camera upgraders, and smartphone only owners will be best-positioned to succeed. Monitoring year-over-year changes and trends among targeted buyer groups will also be critical.

InfoTrends new 2014/2015 study will pick up where the 2013 study left off. At a macro level, it will consider consumer attitudes, behaviors, and potential market opportunities surfacing beyond camera bodies and the associated still photos. The study will hone in on video activity, lenses, and other accessories.

The study will also examine what could turn DILC “intenders” into actual buyers. It will pay careful attention to these intenders and what motivates them, what inhibits them, what marketing messages appeal to them, and how they are likely to use an ILC.

Project Objectives

As previously noted, this 2014/2015 study builds upon the results of our 2013 study, and provides insights on topics of growing importance including:

  • The importance of photography and DILCs to consumers’ lives
  • Changes to and drivers behind replacement and upgrade cycles for interchangeable lens cameras
  • The lens landscape and needs and desires for additional lenses
  • The opportunities for accessories, such as speedlights, lights, tripods, and stabilizers
  • The value and use of video
  • How the photo workflow is changing
  • What will motivate non-owners to enter the buying cycle

Additional information objectives include:

  • What will make compact interchangeable lens cameras (CILCs) more popular?
  • Is the target CILC customer different from the target DILC customer?
  • Time series analysis of CILC owners
  • Demographic profiling of all current owners and future owners of ILCs
  • Examination of owner and future owner attitudes, behaviors, and preferences
  • An analysis of the ILC buying process (awareness, consideration, purchase)
  • Use of software and mobile apps (creative, editing, management, workflow)
  • Printing behaviors
  • Size, segment, and forecast the market by price band
      - Units
      -  Revenue
  • Identify opportunities and strategies for technology vendors and service providers

Analysis & Project Deliverables

There will be an extensive analysis of the desk research and the structured survey to develop a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and issues for vendors. Clients will receive:

  • A written report detailing key findings with market drivers and barriers, the market size / forecast and trends, and overall recommendations
  • PowerPoint summary slides
  • Data cross tabulations from the consumer survey for additional analysis of key market segments

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Matt O'Keefe at 781-616-2115 or e-mail


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