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Profiting through Digital Printing in the Décor Marketplace

Published: December 2014


Decorative printing has long been a way to provide businesses and consumers with a way to surround themselves with color rich materials at work, at home, or anywhere that can benefit from innovative architectural and interior design. The desire to customize our working and living environment is a powerful driver that spells a wide-ranging need for decorative printing in several key applications including ceramic tile, glass, textile, sign & display, laminates, functional, flooring, and wall covering.

In the past, production methods for decorative elements achieved the desired look and feel using traditional, analog print processes. Screen, gravure, and lithographic printing have created a wealth of designs, but by their nature they are meant for mass production and cannot efficiently create custom decoration or be cost effective in small batches. Today, after decades of ongoing development and improvements, digital printing is capturing ever-growing production volumes worldwide in a range of décor applications.

With this research on the décor marketplace, InfoTrends is beginning a series of research projects that over time will cover the main methods and applications using digital technologies for industrial and functional printing. In this particular study, a series of in-depth interviews and surveys will allow InfoTrends to assess the impact of digital solutions, examine the sentiment of the Architect & Interior design community (A&D), and quantify the opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers of printing equipment and inks, software providers, and service providers.

Project Objectives

This study will identify the size of opportunities in digital décor printing, profile the key players and develop recommendations for those that want to build new business lines around these emerging products as well as:

  • Gain detailed insights from the A&D community
     o Awareness and perceptions of digital printing technology and services
     o Experience with digital & analog printing for décor
     o Critical product and service requirements
     o How digital printing fits into their business
  • Understand décor producers’ digital requirements and business
     o Product capabilities
     o Economics
     o Analog vs. digital
     o Market development support
  • Identify opportunities for technology vendors
     o Market potential for digital printing (value, volume)
     o Critical product requirements and equipment and running costs
     o Critical materials and substrates
     o Strategies for go-to-market and market development

Analysis & Project Deliverables

InfoTrends’ professional staff will perform an extensive analysis of the research to develop an understanding of the opportunities and issues surrounding ceramic printing.

Subscribers will receive:

  • An executive Summary addressing key issues, findings, and overall recommendations
  • A detailed written report with text, charts, and graphs addressing the objectives of the study
  • PowerPoint slides containing all charts
  • An overall assessment of addressable décor markets including
     o Overall market revenues
     o Estimated digital printing revenues
     o Market trends
     o Estimated digital print volume
  • Webinar presentation of research finding to your team (Optional)
  • On-site presentation (Optional)

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Scott Phinney at 781-616-2123 or e-mail


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