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Enterprise Document Capture: Process Gaps and Revenue Opportunities


Production scanning environments continue to evolve as enterprises strive to automate paper-intensive processes and shift to electronic capture and distribution—directly impacting outsourcing service providers, OEMs, and software vendors. These changes have specific implications for the life cycle of an image following capture. With enterprises seeking to reduce costs and improve business process workflows, there is significant opportunity for vendors to increase their management of these paper-intensive business processes.

This study has three primary goals. First, this research will uncover high-volume capture trends within business processes, vertical markets, and across different types of capture environments. Secondly, it will verify how effectively image life cycles enable automation within the classification, data capture, data validation, and delivery phases of a document capture operation. Finally, the study will identify services and technology revenue opportunities that target business process gaps and inefficiencies.

Project Objectives

  • Market Direction:
    • Analyze trends within centralized/distributed, on-site/off-site, and lockbox/mailroom environments.
    • Examine capture volumes and sources, including paper, electronic, and network folders.
    • Compare and contrast insourced and outsourced operations
  • Business Process:
    • Analyze image life cycle across specific business processes, such as accounts payable/receivable, customer onboarding, customer correspondence, contract management, and claims processing.
    • Identify the extent to which document capture operations are integrated into business processes and trigger automated workflows, while also uncovering workflow gaps and inefficiencies.
    • Identify the impact of outsourcing on business process efficiency and automation.
  • Technology & Services:
    • Understand customer use of and preferences around cloud-based services and software implementations, as well as use of data analytics within business processes.
    • Explore strategic planning initiatives and investment planning priorities.
    • Size and forecast the outsourced capture services revenue opportunity by environment.

Analysis & Project Deliverables

InfoTrends’ professional staff will perform an extensive analysis of the research to develop an understanding of the opportunities and issues surrounding insourced and outsourced document capture operations in the United States. Subscribers will receive:

  • Executive summary of research findings
  • Detailed PowerPoint market analysis of all research initiatives to address the study’s goals and objectives, as well as provide conclusions and recommendations
  • Market sizing and five year forecast of annual revenues for outsourced capture services
  • A 90 minute webinar presentation of the findings
  • An Appendix that provides PowerPoint slides containing all survey charts
  • Cross-tabulations of the survey results for additional analysis of key questions and market segmentation

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Jennifer Skerrett at 781-616-2111 or e-mail



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