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The Future of Scanning

Capture and Scan, Key Drivers and Improvements for Business


Scanning and capture is very common practice in many areas of business while conversion of documents for personal productivity to very large enterprise production environments continues to show marked growth. Business process automation activities and initiatives permeate the greater IT conversation as a means to reduce cost, accelerate workflow and transform processes.

Scanning has emerged as not only a means to digitize paper but, with the aid of solutions, a sophisticated method of capturing information, automatically identifying and organizing it. Specific processes that are very tied to regulation or compliance are especially sensitive to the use of solutions that can meet initiatives internally and externally. While scanning and capture is quite pervasive, paper is still present in many departments and areas of business, often used as means to communicate, capture information and even signatures on forms.

InfoTrends looks to understand what the future holds for document scanning and capture solutions and the associated devices as business is faced with more and more demands to be digital, entirely.

Project Objectives

  • Market Direction:
    • Identify major trends and drivers for scanning solutions within business
    • Measure current scan volumes and forecast future scan volume (by device types)
    • Test and understand emerging delivery models such as managed services and cloud
  • Business Process:
    • Examine business process initiatives with scanning components 
    • Determine the phase in consideration and implementation
    • Identify common functional areas for business process efficiency and automation, along with key decision makers
  • Technology & Services:
    • Understand usage of the varied scanning products; Multifunctional printers, Single function scanners, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets
    • Determine hardware requirements and criteria for scanning solutions
    • Establish the propensity to utilize on premise ECM and/or cloud-based document offerings

Analysis & Project Deliverables

InfoTrends’ study methodology encompasses primary and secondary research, coupled with analysis of market news and trends within the United States. Subscribers will receive:

  • Executive summary and analysis addressing key issues, findings, and overall recommendations
  • Management presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Data Tabulations
  • Webinar to deliver findings

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Scott Phinney at 781-616-2123 or e-mail


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