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Mobile Devices and the Impact on Print - Europe

Evidence suggests that many users of smartphones and tablets wish to print from those devices, yet many currently are not. InfoTrends expects different groups of people have varying awareness that they can print from those devices and face multiple barriers to printing. In addition, vendors are currently unclear on which groups of users represent the largest untapped potential for print, and what those users need most to enable them to print.

This study investigates print-related attitudes, needs, and desires of mobile device users in Europe. The expectation is that mobile workers will have the need to print for work, and that will be investigated. There is also the expectation that users of mobile devices will also have a need or desire to print for personal reasons, and that will also be investigated. As such, this study will give relatively equal weight to both types of users, and there is the expectation that there will be substantial overlap. The study will explore that overlap (users printing for work and personal reasons), and will consider how factors like location and willingness to pay may differ depending upon the need.

Project Objectives

The purpose of this research is to uncover the relative opportunity to print across a broad range of mobile device users from teenagers to office and mobile business users to retired people. The goal is to understand what each of those groups and other groups of people need in order to satisfy their desire to print from their mobile devices.

The study will look at attributes such as the needs, behaviors, and desires of business users vs. personal users who wish to print. Are business printers and personal printers very different? Do they experience different barriers?

Analysis & Project Deliverables

InfoTrends’ professional staff will perform an extensive analysis of the research to develop an understanding of the opportunities and issues surrounding mobile printing in Europe. Subscribers will receive:

  • Executive summary that addresses key issues, findings, and overall recommendations
  • Detailed PowerPoint market analysis of all research initiatives to address the study’s goals and objectives as well as provide conclusions and recommendations
  • Market modeling tool to measure the impact of different events or activities that would increase or decrease print potential
  • PowerPoint presentation for internal communication of the research results
  • Data cross tabulations from the structured Web-based survey in Excel and PowerPoint
  • A custom 90 minute webinar presentation of the findings

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Scott Phinney at 781-616-2123 or e-mail



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