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Packaging and the Brand Owner: Europe

Published: November 2013

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Packaging and labels are critical to brand management for makers of consumer goods. Meeting the needs of brand owners is thus the core objective of package and label printing. In label printing, color digital printers are a growing alternate to conventional presses, while in folding cartons and flexible packaging, color digital printing is debuting as an option for printing short runs. Brand owners are welcoming—because they need to target markets precisely and to be lean in manufacturing and supply chains, short run digital printing is a great benefit.

Europe is the world’s modern, dynamic epicenter for print technology for packaging and label printing. Top suppliers of print presses, software, and supplies are based there. Europe is also home to dozens of national and regional markets, a big spur to short run package and label printing. Finally, Europe leads the world in packaging innovation, whether in response sustainability concerns, lean manufacturing needs, new shelf strategies, or other causes.

Packaging and the Brand Owner: Europe is a multi-client study that will reveal the opinions of brand owners there on many issues that affect label and packaging print purchases. This study will answer specific questions about brand owners’ thinking, including:

  • What concerns do they have about retail channels and consumer behavior?
  • What concerns do they have about their own manufacturing and supply chains?
  • Will short run manufacturing grow at their companies? How much?
  • What sustainability features are most compelling to them? Why?
  • If they use only analog print technology, why is that?
  • Is variable data printing important to them? For what uses?
  • What do they want from printing that they don’t get now?
  • Who or what influences their opinions about color printing options?
  • Concerns besides cost: toxicity, aroma, color matching, substrates?
  • Concerns besides cost: counterfeiting, wasted print, timeliness?
  • For what services or features are brand owners willing to pay extra?
  • Security features? Unique codes? RFID? Augmented reality? Personalization?

The broad goals of the study thus include:

  • Assess brand owners’ top concerns about brand management 
  • Analyze the role of printing in addressing those concerns
  • Guide press, software, and media vendors, and converters, to meet brand owners’ needs

Project Objectives

Through this research, InfoTrends will obtain brand owners’ opinions about issues that affect market demand for color digital converting such as:

  • Awareness of technology
  • Concerns about digital vs. conventional printing
  • Availability and use of color digital printing
  • Role of short runs of products in their businesses
  • Role & potential role of variable data printing
  • Who or what influences brands to choose a print feature or method
  • Wishes for future technology—what brand owners want converters to offer

The report will also gather insights about brand owners from the converters who serve them:

  • What do converters say that brand owners know?
  • What do their customers care about? What do they want?
  • What printing features are problematic for their customers?
  • What do converters say will make brand owners use color digital?
  • For what services or features will brand owners pay extra? Why?

Give quantitative insight brand owners’ opinions:

  • Cut by use or non-use of color digital today
  • Cut by company size in revenues
  • Cut by food & beverage, health & beauty verticals
  • Cut by one or more other verticals, as appropriate

Provide qualitative insights also:

  • From desk research and from detailed personal interviews
  • Based on direct contact with companies that buy labels and packaging

Analysis & Project Deliverables

This study will provide deep analysis of the Web survey, interviews, and desk research to deliver valuable insights into the needs of brand owners. It will help your company and your converters to sell to brand owners more effectively.

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Scott Phinney at 781-616-2123 or e-mail


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