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Understanding Vertical Markets: Enterprise Communication Requirements

Published: December 2012

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For more information, join Lisa Cross as she discusses how this study will take a look at the way in which needs in key verticals are changing and where there are opportunities.


The competitive landscape of the printing industry is often harsh and unforgiving. Targeting specific vertical markets and establishing leadership in them is becoming a solid business strategy for many firms. Simply put, vertical marketing is developing products and services that are targeted toward a specific industry. More and more firms are seeking the immense benefits targeting specific industries can deliver, such as:

  • Identifying profitable niches
  • Uncovering unfilled market needs or gaps, and filling them
  • Positioning as a provider with a deep industry knowledge
  • Enhancing credibility and driving sales

Customers want partners that understand their needs and the markets that they serve!

Vertical marketing offers many benefits, however the cornerstones of successful execution, thoughtful market analysis and development of the right business focus and strategies is not easy. Owners and managers must:

  • Profile a vertical market, then identify and prioritize key market influencers in each vertical industry
  • Identify, qualify, and prioritize the verticals that will deliver the highest return on investment
  • Define communication products, service offerings, and related value propositions that drive compelling customer value and financial ROI for a business and its customers

Project Objectives

  • Profile communication service requirements (print and online) across 10 different vertical industries in the U.S.
  • Focus on large enterprises with 500+ employees
  • Quantify spending by key application area and media type
  • Identify sourcing preferences by application and media type
  • Assess process for selecting providers
  • Identify strategies and recommendations for business growth by market and application
  • Market Segment Coverage:
    o Automotive*
    o Education
    o Financial Services
    o Government*
    o Insurance
    o Healthcare
    o Hospitality
    o Retail
    o Manufacturing
    o Telecommunications
  • Identify current and future communication spending across key service areas:
    o Printing
    o Creative and design
    o Variable data
    o Data analytics
    o Internet
    o E-mail marketing
    o Social media
    o Mobile Marketing
    o Mailing and fulfillment
    o Materials Warehousing
  • Examine market-defining trends including:
    o Shift to electronic document delivery
    o Shift from offset to digital print
    o Adoption of variable data printing programs
    o Adoption of e-mail, mobile, and social media marketing
    o Use of internal vs. external printing / use of partners
    o Use of outsourcing producers
    o Use of single source providers
    o Use of Web to obtain documents and cross-media services
    o Channel preferences for specific types of communications

*Added these two bonus market segments to the survey data sample.

Analysis & Project Deliverables

Study subscribers will receive:

  • Executive summary with key findings and recommendations
  • Summary of interviews with key decision makers across markets
  • Research charts
  • PowerPoint summary slides
  • Excel file of survey data by vertical
  • Data cross-tabulations
  • InfoCast recording of research findings for their internal use

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Scott Phinney at +1 781 616 2123 or e-mail



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