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Office Vertical Market Opportunity Analysis by Core Based Statistical Area

Published: December 2013


The US office document industry signaled an increased focus on paper intensive industries in 2012 with many of the market leading OEM suppliers and channel businesses aligning their organizations and go-to-market strategies to identify and address print, paper intensive applications and workflows respectively. This is a reflection of the mature state of the document output market. Growth in this industry requires taking market share from competitors. However, mature markets also mean entrenched competitors often have long established distribution channels. As a result, taking share requires developing new ways to align strategy with distribution channels and to find new ways to segment the market.

In short, competitors in this industry must:

  • Identify where concentrations of page volume are within specific territories
  • Understand which vertical markets have business workflows that drive persistent page volume within specific territories
  • Confirm the extent to which specific territories have been penetrated by managed print services

Vendors and channel businesses with a clear understanding of where page volumes are in decline, status quo or growing - by vertical industry and size of business establishment - will have a tactical advantage. They will be able to fine-tune their go-to-market strategies and target persistent page volume at the local channel territory level.

To enable this, InfoTrends will size and analyze the A3/A4 multifunction and single function hardware installed base (IB), print volume (PV) and pages captured by MPS contracts by Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSA), business sectors and size of business establishments.

Project Objectives

Deliver a robust database tool that enables market segmentation, analysis and strategic planning.

  • Understand where page volume exists at the CBSA level to optimize channel presence
  • Validate which vertical markets, by establishment size, are driving page volume
  • Identify at the CBSA level how much print volume is captured by MPS contracts
  • Enable channel partners and/or direct sales organizations to have a more tactical view of the market from both an opportunity and channel perspective
  • Better align distribution capabilities within CBSAs to capture page volume
  • Effectively develop a vertical market product and services strategy at the local territory level
  • Forecast total U.S. installed base, print volume and print volume captures by MPS contracts by vertical industry, establishment size and product category

Deliver a total U.S. forecast of installed base, page volume and pages managed by MPS contracts to provide market directional view.

  • Identify installed base and page volume trends by device category, vertical industry and establishment size
  • Develop line of sight into areas of persistent print
  • Determine MPS impact on page volume over the forecast period

Analysis & Project Deliverables

InfoTrends will perform an extensive analysis to develop an understanding of the page volume opportunity by CBSA, vertical industry, company size, and device segment.

Subscribers of the study will receive:

  • Database (Excel Pivot Table) that details installed base, page volume and pages under managed contracts by vertical industry and company size at the CBSA level
  • Management presentation (PowerPoint) detailing quantitative survey and qualitative interview key findings, and sample analyses of select CBSAs
  • Total U.S. forecast (Excel Pivot Table) of installed base, print volume and managed pages (i.e., print volume within MPS contracts) segmented by vertical industry and company sizes
  • On-site briefing (optional)
  • Data tabs and charts from the quantitative survey
  • Written Report detailing interviews, key findings and recommendations

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Scott Phinney at 781-616-2123 or e-mail


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