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Capturing the SMB Marketing Automation Opportunity

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For more information, join Stephanie Pieruccini as she discusses the key highlights from this study. Stephanie will review the market opportunity, discuss the study goals and objectives, outline the project methodology, and present key findings from the research results. Find out why you need to focus on SMBs.


The small & medium-sized business market (SMB) has a wide range of business communication needs, including corporate identity, marketing collateral, direct marketing, point-of-sale materials, social media, transactional documents, and publications. With the expansion of media types and added channels, SMBs are seeking new opportunities to acquire and retain customers.

Impaired by limited internal infrastructures and know-how for more complex document production, SMBs are looking for providers who can help them navigate through the world of multi-channel communications.

Emerging automation technology essentially “unlocks” this marketing opportunity for very small businesses, but the recent flood of solutions to the market complicates the search for solutions that fit. Savvy service providers will need to look at a horizontal focus offering design, photography, advertising and print services through web portals. In addition, they will also need to build vertically-focused solutions offering marketing automation technology to enable business growth through customer acquisition/retention activities.

To gain insight into this rapidly evolving market, InfoTrends conducted a multi-client study entitled “Capturing the SMB Marketing Automation Opportunity”. Building on trends found in the 2009 SMB study, this study aims to provide an understanding of the SMB marketing automation opportunity to help guide the evolution of SMB solution offerings.

Project Objectives

Through this research, InfoTrends intends to provide information surrounding:

  • Understand the changing communications
    behavior and media channel preference for SMB marketing over the next 12 months
  • Key applications by SMB vertical
  • Current spend and outlook across applications and channels
  • Internal infrastructure and resources for
    marketing communications
     > Content creation and production processes
  • Awareness and usage of external service providers and technology
  • Current marketing mix and outlook for customer acquisition and retention
     > Print, e-mail, Web, mobile, and social channels
  • Effectiveness of cross-media communications for SMBs
  • Management and analytics capabilities of customer information
  • Pain points and future requirements for business communications

Analysis & Project Deliverables

InfoTrends’ professional staff performed an extensive analysis of the research to develop an understanding of the opportunities and issues surrounding the SMB market.

Subscribers of the study will receive:

  • Summary report detailing key findings and  recommendations
  • Management presentation (PowerPoint)
  • Survey results delivered as data tabulations and PowerPoint
  • Study summary with key statistics targeted to SMBs
     > Leverage as content marketing on your company’s Website!
  • On-site briefing (optional)

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Jennifer Skerrett at +1 781 616 2111 or via
e-mail at


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