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Emerging Markets for the Consumer Digital Imaging Industry

Publication Date: February 2011


The emergence and growth of developing economies across the globe comes at a critical time for the photo and imaging industries. The US and Western European digital camera markets in particular have matured, and digital camera unit shipments for both markets peaked in 2007. Consumer behavior in these established regions has continued to evolve at a rapid pace, as consumers themselves become more connected, more mobile, and more expressive with their images. Add to that the growing collections of consumer images and the bidirectional flow of images between devices and across the Web, and you have a category struggling to identify its best sources of future revenue at a critical time in its development.

Vendors that establish themselves early in emerging markets will have the opportunity to learn from the recent successes and shortcomings of the digital imaging evolution, and to influence the future direction of these nascent markets. For example, InfoTrends’ latest forecasts show China and India representing over 70% of Asia Pacific unit shares for digital cameras in 2014, while smartphone shipments are growing rapidly in Latin America and Mexico. These geographies represent a huge opportunity for vendors, especially if they are able to influence consumers and their photo capture, sharing, workflow, and printing behavior. Consumers in each of these regions are unique, and understanding variations by country and by demographic segment is critical to business growth.

InfoTrends has conducted a study entitled “Emerging Markets for the Consumer Imaging Industry – A Study of Brazil, Mexico, India and China,” to help digital imaging vendors and suppliers understand the dynamics of these emerging markets and clearly understand what is necessary to be successful in each.

Project Objectives

This study was designed to provide vendors with critical planning information needed to develop successful growth strategies in each key developing market.

Objectives included:

  • Identify and profile current and future users of digital photography hardware, software, and services by country
  • Consider behaviors associated with technology adoption, purchase, and use
  • Analyze product preferences
  • Examine digital camera and digital photo activities
  • Study consumers’ use of mobile phones and smartphones:
    - Photo capture, transfer, sharing and printing behavior
  • Look at the use of photo sharing sites
  • Evaluate photo printing behaviors and variations by demographics and by channel:
    - Home, Retail, Online
  • Identify unmet consumer needs

Analysis and Project Deliverables

We used the survey results to outline the opportunities and issues within each country. Clients will receive the following deliverables for use by senior management, product managers and planners, and marketing executives:

  • A written report providing analysis of survey data, key findings and overall recommendations
  • PowerPoint summary slides with charts, graphs, and key findings
  • Data cross tabulations for additional analysis of key questions and market segments

Getting Started

For more information on the study or to purchase this study, contact Matt O'Keefe at +1 781 616 2100 ext. 115 or via e-mail at


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