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Mobile Solutions & Services: Strategies Driving Market Adoption and Transformation

Published: November 2013

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Mobility is radically transforming business as it begins to penetrate organizations in various ways. There are various points within the organization that have an interest in mobility such as the general knowledge worker with needs to access email and content, to line of business leaders that are  regarding mobility as a means to simplify processes. Many mobile solutions are made available online in “app” form versus more sophisticated solutions that can be designed specifically for an organization. The mobile community works to educate  the market, from software vendors, hardware vendors, industry organizations and service providers, which can serve to overwhelm and add overall complexity in planning and decision making. The ability to understand these new dynamics of mobility within the office environment will provide leverage for traditional business solution providers.

In this study, InfoTrends will examine;

  • Who is driving the demand for mobile solutions;  type of organization,  line of businesses, types of users or even suppliers?
  • What are the key drivers for enabling mobile solutions?
  • When will specific mobile solutions be adopted?

Project Objectives

  • Identify the key drivers for mobile solutions adoption within the office environment
  • Understand the impact of mobile solutions on current and future business processes
  • Discover which functional business areas are “hot” targets for mobile solutions
  • Measure where in the adoption curve companies are with mobile solutions
  • Assess corporate/IT spend on mobile solution initiatives
  • Uncover and classify multiple mobile solutions and providers

Analysis & Project Deliverables

  • Executive Summary that addresses key issues, findings, and overall recommendations
  • PowerPoint presentation with top-level survey results for internal communication
  • Data tabulations
  • Custom Webinar to deliver findings

Optional: Print and page impact analysis

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Scott Phinney at 781-616-2123 or e-mail


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