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Packaging and the Brand Owner


Packaging is critical to brand management, as is the printing of packaging. Meeting the needs of brands is thus the core objective of package printing. Within the total package printing market, a contest between digital and analog press technology is well under way in the prime label application. That contest is just beginning in two adjacent applications, folding cartons and flexible packaging. In each case, the brand owners will ultimately decide the winners.

To gain insight into brand owners’ opinions and preferences regarding print, InfoTrends is conducted a multi-client study entitled “Packaging and the Brand Owner.” This study reveals the answers to questions about the opinions and preferences of brand owners regarding packaging, with a particular on label, folding carton, and flexible packaging applications where the main contest exists between analog and digital press technology.


Through this research, InfoTrends intends to:

  • Learn brand owners’ level of understanding of printing for packaging and labels
  • Obtain brand owners’ opinions about issues that affect market demand for color digital converting such as:
  • Gather insights about converters’ understanding of brand owners
  • Give numerical insight into the answers to those questions
  • Provide related qualitative insights

Research Methodology

  • Desk research and related research
  • Interviews with 12 brand owners:
    - Bayer Healthcare
    - Beiersdorf AG
    - Boogie Wipes
    - Culinary Twist
    - Kas Direct LLC
    - Kozy Shack
    - Musco Family Olive
    - Seventh Generation
    - Starbucks
    - Theralogix
    - Trophy Foods
    - Wellness Pet Foods

  • Interviews with 8 digital converters:
    - Digital Label Solutions
    - Foster Packaging
    - Label King, Mediaware Digital
    - Odyssey Digital Print
    - Repacorp
    - Tapecon
    - RockTenn

  • Structured web survey with 155 brand owners
    - Brand owners who have a marketing or brand management role
    - Brand owners who have a packaging design or engineering role

  • Structure web survey with 93 converters
    - Converters of labels or folding cartons or flexible packaging

Project Deliverables

This study will provide extensive analysis of the Web survey, interviews, and desk research to deliver valuable insight into the needs of brand owners to help clients understand and navigate market opportunities. Components of the study include:

  • Report: A detailed report reviewing and analyzing the survey findings and providing recommendations for subscribers based on quantitative and qualitative research results. It also includes a summary of the in-depth interviews with brand owners and converters.
  • Set of PowerPoint slides for internal use: The PowerPoint slides contain charts and bullet points highlighting survey results for efficient review within your organization.
  • Full tabulation of structured survey results: Tabulations provide the full set of data responses to the Web surveys. Banner points are based on specific survey questions.

Getting Started

For more information on the study or to sign up as a participant, contact Scott Phinney at +1 781 616 2100 ext. 123 or via e-mail at


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