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Mobile Technology: Making Print Interactive


Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become a primary source of portable media from which we can obtain information and communicate with other people. While the mobile channel continues to evolve and grow, print and other traditional media platforms continue to be an important element of the media mix. These offline platforms can be used as a springboard for online engagement with the use of mobile technology.

Mobile-enabled magazine ads, brochures, postcards, out-of-home media, packaging, labels, t-shirts, and much more can be part of a blended approach to spur interaction and engagement in new and interesting ways. Through this approach, consumers can access valuable offers and have engaging experiences; marketers achieve greater measurability to track against their goals; and service providers have new value-added services they can offer around design, deployment, management, and reporting related to integrated campaigns & applications.

Statistics highlight just how pervasive mobile technology is in our day-to-day lives:

  • According to the CTIA Wireless Association, over 280 million Americans carry mobile phones – that's over 90% of the nation's population!
  • The International Telecommunications Union states that there are over 5 billion global mobile phone subscriptions as of 2010.
  • ABI Research reports that global mobile marketing and advertising expenditures will exceed $16 billion in 2011.
  • A CTIA study entitled Teenagers: A Generation Unplugged highlighted that four out of five teens carry a wireless device. The majority (57%) consider their cell phones key to their social lives.

A new study from InfoTrends is designed to determine the importance of integrating mobile technology with print and other media types to activate, cultivate, and engage customers. When mobile technology is integrated with marketing, advertising, and media, it provides a clear call-to-action and an instant response mechanism to prompt consumer engagement. Even so, consumers are bombarded with a sea of marketing messages every day, and only the most relevant messages will stand out. This study explores what specifically drives consumers to interact with mobile codes, mobile messaging, and augmented reality, as well as critical success factors from marketers and service providers when conducting integrated mobile campaigns and applications.

Project Objectives

This benchmark InfoTrends study explores the concept of offline-to-online engagement through integrating mobile with print and other media types from the perspective of consumers, marketers, print service providers, and technology providers. It highlights where the market is today, provide projections for the future, and deliver valuable insight about effectively integrating mobile technology with traditional media. The study will provide strategic information to help executives and business owners:

  • Assess the state of integrated mobile campaigns in the market today and their future directions.
  • Understand marketing executives' needs, perceptions, and challenges when developing and delivering integrated mobile campaigns for B2C, B2B, and mixed models.
  • Understand strategic and tactical requirements for successfully integrating mobile technology with print and other media types to drive engagement, education, acquisition, retention, and loyalty of target audiences.
  • Summarize critical success factors for integrated mobile campaigns and recommend appropriate future strategic direction for marketers, technology providers, and service providers

The study will:

  • Segment and profile consumer experiences with integrated mobile campaigns and applications
  • Explore marketer perspectives on integrating mobile with print and other media types through survey activity and in-depth interviews
  • To gain additional insight into the tools, technologies, and services used to support integrated mobile campaigns and applications, InfoTrends conducted over a dozen in-depth interviews with the following types of key mobile content and technology providers:
    o Mobile marketing agencies
    o Mobile barcode campaign management providers
    o Marketing service providers
    o Publication service providers
    o Augmented reality solution providers
    o Wireless carriers

Project Deliverables

This study provides an extensive analysis of the desk research, surveys, and personal interviews to provide a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and issues impacting these markets. The research clearly defines challenges and opportunities when integrating mobile technology with print and other media types to drive offline-to-online engagement.
This study has four main components:

  • Report: The report will provide a comprehensive view of the survey results, an analysis of the in-depth personal interviews, and InfoTrends’ view on the implications the results have for the market.
  • Presentation: The PowerPoint presentation will contain bullet points, pie charts, and bar graphs relevant to the results of the survey. It will also include an executive summary.
  • The tabulated data: This information will represent the full set of data responses to the Web surveys. Banner points will be based on specific survey questions.
  • The banner index: This document will provide the full details on the breakout by question for each of the banners.

Getting Started

For more information or to sign up as a participant, contact Matt O’Keefe at +1 781 616 2115 e-mail Subscriber discounts are available through December 23, 2011.


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