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Social Photo and Video: The New Communication and Memory-Keeping Paradigm


Considerable data is available on consumers and their photo and video behaviors, including the kinds of cameras they use; the number of pictures they take; the amount of video they shoot; how, where, and with whom they share; and how, where, and how much they print. Yet comparatively little is known about the motivations for those behaviors, the reasons for the choices that they make, and what influences their daily photo activities.

Today’s consumers are likely to own multiple cameras and other devices that can take pictures and shoot video. Long after the purchase decisions, they make a number of choices (conscious and unconscious) every time they use any of those devices to communicate, share moments, or preserve memories with family and friends.

Their choices span the spectrum of the imaging ecosystem, including capture, viewing and sharing, storage, creative projects, and output. Their preferences may be well established, but may change frequently, depending on occasion, location, or even mood. They are influenced by a variety of factors – some technical and others decidedly not – that include image quality, convenience, spontaneity, social setting, connectivity, privacy concerns, and more.

This study will use a combination of research methods to consider consumer behavior along the imaging continuum:

  • Capture
  • Viewing/Editing/Sharing
  • Storage
  • Create/Print

Project Objectives

This study will provide vendors and service providers with information to help them understand how to influence consumers and their imaging choices, as well as the products and services that will help satisfy consumers’ unmet needs related to photo and video expression. It will consider where revenue opportunities may lie, and how vendors can remain relevant in both digital and print worlds.

It will also examine key questions such as:

  • What motivates digital expression?
  • What would make consumers capture, share, and print more?
  • Are there friction points that are restricting activity?
  • What leads to an image sharing platform (or app) becoming dominant among certain users?
  • How are consumers storing/curating/retrieving old images?
  • Will consumers interact with more intelligent images as technology evolves?
  • Are there common pathways for photos?
  • Are there common pathways for videos?
  • Which scenarios are most frequent?
  • Which scenarios are most important?
  • How do they vary by demographic, device type, etc.?

Analysis & Project Deliverables

There will be extensive analysis of all research to develop a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and issues for vendors/service providers in the social photo and video space. Clients will receive the following:

  • Written report detailing key findings with recommendations
  • PowerPoint summary slides
  • Data cross-tabulations from the consumer survey for additional analysis of key market segments
  • Optional on-site presentation

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Matt O'Keefe at +1 781 616 2115 or e-mail


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