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What Do Converters Want? Emerging Opportunities for Color Digital Printing of Labels and Packaging

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For more information, join Bob Leahey as he discusses how this study will help technology vendors understand what label and packaging converters think about color digital printing and what they will require from that technology in the future.


The global packaging industry is still early in its adoption of color digital printing technology. The label segment leads all other packaging categories in its use of color digital presses, generating about $2 billion in gross sales of labels to print customers
in 2011, but still leaving many times that revenue to conventional presses. Meanwhile, other segments such as folding carton and flexible packaging are for now tiny by comparison and only rare users of color digital printing. Two big factors, though, are pulling color digital upwards in the printing of labels and other packaging media. One is the ever increasing need of brand owners for timely, economic printing of short runs. The other is the improving and expanding color digital print technologies that are available.

What is the future of this young and dynamic market for color digital printing? To help answer this question and many others, InfoTrends will conduct an in-depth multi-client study in 2012 entitled What Do Converters Want? Emerging Opportunities for Color Digital Printing of Labels and Packaging.

Project Objectives

  • Gain detailed insights about converters of labels and packaging for consumer goods
    - What is their experience with color digital and analog printing for packaging
      and labels?
    - What are their concerns about the digital options available to them now?
  • Identify the key technologies converters use now (narrow web EP and inkjet presses, wide format inkjet, tabletop solutions)
  • Learn converters’ wishes regarding related products such as finishing lines and workflow/ERP/MIS/design software
  • Gauge awareness and perceptions of key vendors of digital presses
  • Identify what enhancements converters most want from color digital presses and other technology
  • Understand how converters make decisions on press, printer, and software purchases

While the report’s main research will focus on converters in North America, InfoTrends will address the same objectives with supplemental research in China and will include the results of this research in the final report.

Analysis & Project Deliverables

InfoTrends’ professional staff will perform an extensive analysis of the research results to understand converters’ sentiments and wishes, and to distill recommendations to clients regarding future color print technology for converters.

Subscribers to the study will receive:

  • A detailed report addressing results, findings and recommendations
  • Converter survey results delivered as data tabulations
    - Cut by converter type, size, equipment used, and many other variables
  • A PowerPoint slide deck containing charts of all survey results, and all other
    charts or figures from the report
  • Forecast of value of print produced on color digital label and packaging presses,
  • On-site presentation (optional)

Getting Started

For more information on the study, contact Scott Phinney at +1 781 616 2123 or
via e-mail at


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