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Young Adults an Important Segment within Home and Retail Photo Printing Markets

(Weymouth, MA) June 12, 2009 . . . InfoTrends has recently released two new reports focusing on young adults (between the ages of 18 and 24) and their home and retail photo printing habits. This research points to opportunities for both the home and retail photo printing markets. Young adults tend to be more active than many other age groups in various areas of photography. One contributing factor is that photos have gained a role in the social lives of consumers in this segment, largely due to the popularity of social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. This is good news for the photo printing industry because people who capture more photos are also likely to print more of them.

Like the general population, young adults report printing photos most often at home. Female young adults, however, were less likely to print their photos at home than the general population and are considerably more open to outside printing methods such as photo kiosk print stations, online ordering with mail delivery, and online ordering with in-store pickup. Young adults that participated in our survey, particularly females, were more likely to use photo kiosk print stations than total respondents. In fact, nearly 65% of females under the age of 25 who had heard of photo kiosk print stations had used one in the past year. InfoTrends expects online and retail print volumes to increase in the future, and female young adults may lead this trend since they seem more open to printing outside the home.

David Haueter, a Director at InfoTrends, commented, “Contrary to the popular belief that young people do not print photos, our research reveals that these consumers are active photo printers. We expect that they will continue to be a significant contributor to the market, and their behaviors will affect future developments in photo printing. Understanding their current behaviors will help vendors and service providers develop strategies that are in-line with the market changes that will likely take place.”

Spotlight on Young Adults: Home Photo Printing and Spotlight on Young Adults: Retail Photo Printing are available for purchase, as is Spotlight on Young Adults: Digital Still Cameras, released previously in the year. These reports deliver detailed information on consumers in this important age group, segmenting by gender where appropriate. For more information, visit our online store or contact Robyn Wuori at +1 781 616 2100 ext. 109 or e-mail

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