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InfoTrends Study Shows Professional Photography Market on the Upswing after Difficult Year

(Weymouth, MA) February 17, 2011 . . . According to a recent InfoTrends survey of over 1,700 professional photographers in the U.S., the pro photo market is starting to recover from the effects of the recession. 2009 marked the first year-over-year decline in the mean number of digital images captured per month by pros since InfoTrends began surveying pros earlier in the decade.  However, this number grew substantially in 2010 as pros took on more assignments and more jobs.  That’s a positive sign for an increasingly competitive category.   

InfoTrends’ industry experts will attest to the fact that pro photographer behavior impacts multiple segments of the digital imaging industry.  Hardware OEMs rely on pros to continually invest in cameras, lenses, and related equipment.  Pro labs continue to serve as the number one source for pro photo prints, and they look to pros for print revenue.  Online service providers that cater exclusively to the pro segment continue to grow in importance as online activity increases each year.  Finally, providers of personalized photo products are benefitting from the pro photography business as pros add merchandise to their client offerings.  In fact, InfoTrends’ research shows that nearly 60% of pros currently offer this option and another 14% are planning to begin offering these products within the next 12 months.

 “Although things are starting to turn around, the pro photo market is not without its challenges. As the economy remains turbulent, photographers are exploring new avenues such as photo merchandise and social networking to build their business. Those that stay on top of these new trends will develop offerings that are the most relevant and sought after by today’s consumers,” states Ed Lee, Group Director of InfoTrends Consumer and Professional Imaging Group.

InfoTrends’ research not only looks at pros’ use of hardware and services, but also at their use of editing, management, and workflow tools.  InfoTrends’ research suggests that pros are increasingly turning to tools that manage a wide variety of tasks for them.  They use multiple software packages, particularly for editing, but they are coming to rely on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Apple Apeture in particular for ongoing support once they have adopted one of those software packages.  While there are significant differences in behavior by type of photographer and OS platform used, InfoTrends expects to see increased use of any solution that allows a pro or even an advanced amateur to focus more on shooting and selling their services.   

InfoTrends’ 2010 Professional Photographer survey examines the behaviors of professional photographers in great detail, including the equipment that they own, their photo capture and printing habits, the types of software products that they use, and much more. This report discusses current and future trends in the pro photography market, and offers advice that vendors can leverage to increase their own revenues in a difficult economy.

This report is available for purchase. For more information visit InfoTrends’ online store or contact Robyn Wuori at +1 781 616 2100 ext. 103 or e-mail

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