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InfoTrends Identifies Top Factors Affecting the Document Imaging Scanner Market

(Weymouth, MA) November 13, 2012...2011 was a growth year for most segments in the scanner market, signifying a major shift in businesses that are looking to implement scanning solutions. Distributed scanning segments continue to take the lead in unit growth, driven by strong demand for scanning and capture solutions to tackle automation and business process struggles. InfoTrends’ Document Imaging Scanner Forecast for North America: 2011-2016 discusses key trends that are currently shaping the document imaging scanner market as well as strategies for success for vendors.

Several trends are impacting the market that can shape the document scanning in the future. Some of these trends include:

  • Continuing economic struggles in the office environment – The economic downturn that began nearly 5 years ago continues to be an issue. Although business are certainly willing to invest in scanners if the expense can be justified, some scanning devices- particularly those in the production segments – require a significant monetary investment, and an economic downturn typically does little to convince businesses to make major purchases.
  • The importance of automation – As the general front office becomes saturated with ad-hoc “scan to” solutions, the next steps to integration are intelligent workflow solutions that are seamlessly connected to in-house infrastructure as well as the cloud.
  • The shift toward cloud computing and mobility – Mobile devices now outnumber personal computers by three to one and mobile technologies are changing the way people work. The move toward increased mobility makes the scanning function more important than ever. Scanning documents enables them to be stored and then quickly and easily retrieved from virtually any location.

Click here to view a full list of key trends.

InfoTrends’  Document Imaging Scanner Forecast for North America: 2011-2016 outlines an annual forecast for the document imaging scanner market. It provides actual 2011 data for placements, revenues, and market share, as well as projected placement and revenue data for 2012 through 2016. This forecast discusses key trends as well as includes a brief analysis on placement/revenue values for the emerging segment of Mobile/Micro scanners.

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