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InfoTrends Addresses Clone Cartridge Market in Latest Study

(Weymouth, MA) April 25, 2013...InfoTrends is pleased to introduce a new study that will focus on the North American and European Clone Cartridge market. This study is designed to investigate market penetration and route to market and channel awareness for clone laser and inkjet cartridges and provide insights and tools to educate channel players and government agencies on the potential risks and harms associated with clones.

InfoTrends defines clone cartridges as toner, OPC drum and inkjet cartridges that are made from all-new parts. They do not require an empty OEM cartridge in their production. All or nearly all of these cartridges are made in China though location of manufacturer is not part of the definition. For the purpose of this research simple bottle toner is outside of scope. Many clone cartridges tend to be of very low manufacturing cost and so are frequently offered for sale to the end customer at prices significantly below not just OEM supplies but remanufactured cartridges as well.

Because resellers are the route to market for clones, there is a strong need to understand what the channels believe or do not believe about clones, their awareness across various risk factors on clones and what education is required in the channel to potentially reduce the negative impact of clones on the channels themselves and the industry. The focus of this need appears to be the Internet channels, but this research will not ignore traditional channels.

This study will:

  • Size and forecast the penetration of “clone” toner and ink cartridges
  • Investigate route to market for clone products
  • Investigate channel awareness and attitudes toward clone products
  • Describe the domestic remanufacturers’ interaction with clone products
  • Determine industry opinion on where the harm is
  • Address sustainability issues; are there any end of life solutions for clones and which constituencies care?
  • Cover government/ISO issues
  • Research whether OEM Identification/verification issues are valued

A significant piece of the research will be to buy supplies products that appear to be clones based in the sales price but are described as something other than clones/newly made compatibles in the product description to get a gauge on the extent to which closes are actually mischaracterized as something else to the user.

For more information on the North American and European Clone Cartridge Market, please visit our online site or contact Scott Phinney at +1 781 616 2123 or

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