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InfoTrends Report Sheds Light on Indian Print on Demand Market

(Weymouth, MA) May 02, 2013...InfoTrends has completed a new study entitled, Print on Demand: India, which sheds light on the current usage of print equipment in conjunction with digital applications, and on future requirements and trends in the on demand printing market in India.

Print on Demand: India provides a greater understanding of the Indian print on demand market through the use of more than 20 first hand interviews with Indian print service providers (PSPs), dealers, as well as OEM vendors and distributors over a span of three months.  According to Lior Meron, InfoTrends Director of Asia Pacific Operations, "This research study is a strong example of InfoTrends’ expanding activities in Asia Pacific. Our on-the-ground personnel in markets such as China, India, and Korea make this type of insightful research possible."

InfoTrends Indian Country Analyst Nakul Sharma adds, "The Indian print industry today is comprised of more than 250,000 printer services providers of varying sizes with a total turnover of around $20 billion. Almost 75% of print service providers are family-owned businesses and, hence, their market value is closely held."

India represents not only a growing population, but also a very large print market. At this time, the Indian print market is still focusing heavily on offset and other analog processes. Like many sectors of the Indian economy, it relies on exports for a significant portion of its total revenue. Despite the size and healthy growth rate of the Indian print market, information on PSPs’ equipment purchase decisions, applications, software, and workflows is scarce.  As the market in India grows, it is important for vendors to know what factors are considered when PSPs are looking to expand their businesses. Jim Hamilton, Director of InfoTrends Production consulting services says, "My recent trip to PrintPack India was a real eye-opener. There is tremendous interest in wide format, production digital document printing, and hybrid inkjet printing, yet the market requirements are very different. Nakul’s research in this area provides an important foundation towards understanding the Indian market’s evolving needs."

Most western companies from developed economies that are looking to enter this market should seek out the larger, better capitalized Indian print service providers. These are the PSPs most likely to open to change, since they are the most likely to be in or entering production new digital printing in India. In large part because they are less costly, western-origin print-related software and finishing equipment have a broader and better-established market. Thus (to an extent) smaller, less well-capitalized Indian print providers can also be worthwhile targets for those products.

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