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InfoTrends Study Provides Substrate Opportunities in Production Color Digital Printing

(Weymouth, MA) July 09, 2013...InfoTrends is pleased to announce the completion of two new studies that highlight substrate opportunities in production color digital printing in North America and Western Europe. These studies are designed to help paper companies and equipment manufacturers better understand the substrate needs of users of production digital color printers to facilitate the potential growth in the North American and Western European markets. These two regions have significant differences in terms of most important production digital color print applications and, of course the relative popularity of specific paper brands and paper brand groupings (e.g. mill brands versus OEM and private label). However, InfoTrends has also found some common recommendations that apply to both regions, and quite likely even beyond into the emerging markets.

One key common concern is whether inkjet-optimized/treated papers will become a significant market in terms of total tons. The short history of the high speed roll-fed inkjet color digital presses that use this new grade consists of very high growth rates, but from an initially very small base. How sustainable are these growth rates? The evidence from these studies indicates that the volume will indeed come, and therefore a key recommendation is that paper manufacturers stay on the course, continuing to invest in both further product development and marketing activities. “Production color digital print volume is expected to grow in both North America and Western Europe,” says John Shane, Director of InfoTrends’ Communications Supplies Consulting Service.  “Since the market for production digital printers will remain strong through the forecast period, OEMs should work with paper manufacturers to develop recommended matches between print equipment, print application, and specific sheets.” InfoTrends also recommends that print providers continue to build the volume in print applications in which they are already successful, but to achieve greater awareness of applications in which they do not currently participate.

InfoTrends’ Substrate Opportunities in Production Color Printing sets out to establish the main criteria influencing the type of substrate currently being used and determines any changing direction in this usage – thereby ascertaining any correlation in the paper types used by certain applications. These reports also aim to size the market in North America and Western Europe in terms of paper tons used by:

  • Installed technology (e.g., roll-fed inkjet, sheet-fed toner, roll-fed toner)
  • Application (e.g., general office, transactional, promotional, publishing, utility, and consumer)
  • Paper type being used (e.g., uncoated and coated offset and digital papers)
  • Volume of print capability of the installed technology* (e.g., light production, medium production, or heavy production color printing)
    *North America Only

For more information on these studies, please contact Scott Phinney at +1 781 616 2123 or

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