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DSLR vs. CILC: InfoTrends Expects Market to Evolve into One Segment

(Weymouth, MA) December 12, 2013… Results of InfoTrends’ Consumer Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera study reveal that this is an exciting and also challenging time to be involved in the digital interchangeable lens camera (DILC) market. Rapid changes are still underway, and these are affecting consumer purchasing/usage behaviors, camera vendors’ product development strategies, and retailers’ selling strategies. It is important for vendors and retailers to understand how buyers of DSLRs and compact interchangeable lens cameras (CILCs) are evolving so they can develop the right products and target their marketing messages to the right buyers.

The DILC market remains divided today into two segments: DSLRs and CILCs. According to Ed Lee, Worldwide Group Director of InfoTrends’ Consumer and Professional Imaging Group, “As the products evolve and physical distinctions of size and weight diminish, InfoTrends believes that the segments will converge back into a single category. When this happens, the issue surrounding the standardization of segment names will finally be resolved. Until then, consumer confusion will remain one of the factors that will affect sales of CILCs.” Among the terminology used today to describe CILCs, it turns out that the term “compact interchangeable lens camera” scored the highest in awareness with 48% of survey respondents saying that they were familiar with the term. This is still low however, when compared to “Digital SLRs,” which is recognized by 77% of respondents.

InfoTrends recommends that vendors and retailers continue to educate future DILC buyers about the advantages and disadvantages of CILCs and DSLRs to create smart shoppers. Among respondents surveyed who plan to purchase a DILC within a year, 77% are thinking about buying a DSLR, 7% a CILC, and 8% are considering both. Equipment manufacturers and retailers must continue to inform potential purchasers so they can make the decision that is best for them.

InfoTrends’ Consumer Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera study is designed to equip companies that are interested in the DILC market with critical business planning information. It provides demographic information on different types of camera owners, examines owners’ and future owners’ attitudes, behaviors, and brand preferences, provides insight into photo activities, feature use, and future requirements, and analyzes current and future market opportunities. This study also provides a market forecast from 2013 to 2018.

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