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InfoTrends Completes Study on the Rapidly Growing Point-of-view Imaging Market

(Weymouth, MA) April 28, 2015… InfoTrends has released a new study on the rapidly growing point-of-view (POV) imaging market, with emphasis on three primary devices: Action cameras, lifelogging cameras, and other wearable cameras. POV Imaging devices let consumers capture moments and memories that are impossible with traditional cameras and camcorders. In a society where many younger consumers believe that others want (or even need) to see what they are doing, they are ideal tools for capturing and sharing moments and events.

POV imaging is an exciting new segment of the photo market. It has seen a significant amount of activity in the past year, with a multitude of camera vendors introducing new action, lifelogging, and wearable cameras. Consumers are jumping on the bandwagon and buying action cameras and accessories to record themselves performing various activities, including bicycling, running, and watersports. Lifelogging and wearable cameras are still in the very early stage of market development, but they have the potential to become significant tools that could change how we use imaging in our daily lives.

InfoTrends’ Point-of-View Imaging Study examines market and product trends, profiles key industry players, and outlines the current market situation, including market and product trends as well as drivers/barriers to future growth. It employs a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods to learn what consumers think about the market and how are they using these products, exploring topics that include:

  • Awareness and ownership
  • Attitudes and behaviors of POV device users
  • Purchase interest among non-owners
  • Likes and dislikes associated with various POV devices
  • Buying process, including channel, sources of information, and brand preference

The results will aid vendors in the development of new products and services and the fine-tuning of marketing and sales messages.

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