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InfoTrends Publishes Mobile Devices and the Photo Products Market Opportunity Study

(Weymouth, MA) August 12, 2015…InfoTrends has recently published Mobile Devices and the Photo Products Market Opportunity. This study provides hardware, software, app and service providers with information to help them understand the evolving relationship between photo products and mobile devices. It identifies the types of consumers who are creating and ordering photo products from mobile devices today, examines the motivation behind ordering photo products from mobile devices, reveals pain points and unmet needs, and considers features that may drive more ordering from mobile in the future. A forecast for the number of consumers ordering photo products from mobile and the retail value of those photo products is also provided. 

The smartphone and, to a lesser degree, the tablet computer have had a dramatic impact on the photography market over the last few years, and will continue to have a major impact over the next several years. This is true not only for sales of dedicated digital cameras, but also for photo output. With most consumers now using their smartphone as their primary camera, the success or failure of the photo printing and merchandise market will depend on what consumers decide to do with the photos taken with them. InfoTrends has learned through the study that there are a sizable percentage of mobile device users who have ordered photo products directly from mobile devices, along with a high level of satisfaction and a high retention rate. There’s also great opportunity for growth, as awareness is still relatively low on the personalized photo products covered in the study, which include the following:

  • Photo cards
  • Photo books
  • Mobile cases
  • Mugs
  • Mouse pads
  • Prints

InfoTrends gives key findings and recommendations for each of the products covered in the survey, as well as overall recommendations to stakeholders in this market on ways to drive further growth. InfoTrends expects that the number of consumers who order photo products from their mobile device will continue to grow over the next several years, as awareness builds and vendors make the creation and ordering process easier than ever before. The retail value of photo products being ordered from mobile devices is expected to grow at a higher percentage than the number of consumers ordering, with the expectation that repeat buyers will spend more and order more products in the future.

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