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Business Development Strategies

Tools and Advice for the Graphic Communications Industry

The graphic communications market is undergoing tremendous transformation shifting from a manufacturing-based print industry to a service-based communications market. A strategic marketing plan plays a vital role in successful business ventures making this market transformation. How well the plan you develop markets your business, along with the management and financial plans, will ultimately determine your degree of success or failure. Traditional approaches to sales, marketing, and overall business management will show diminishing returns. We must all think and act differently to succeed.

InfoTrends’ Business Development Strategies (BDS) is designed to help document service providers focus on the changing market dynamics and  develop a high quality strategic marketing plan for business growth.

The plan will emphasize what marketers dub as the 4 P’s of Marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. In addition, BDS will provide insight into the fifth “P”…People. This service will also help business managers understand the changing skills essential for success in the today’s world of graphic communications.

There are several major areas for your business where BDS can help your organization succeed:

  • Development of a Strategic Marketing Plan to address the changing customer base and market dynamics
  • Understanding horizontal and vertical target market opportunity
  • Development of the right products/services/and solutions to meet target market needs
  • Profiling the right skills and people to expand your business
  • Developing a value-added pricing strategy that evades the “low-cost” commodity market approach
  • Developing promotional strategies to expand awareness and market reach using multi-media technologies
  • “How to” sales tools that educate direct and indirect customer contact personnel on key horizontal and vertical market and the “key decision” makers in business document outsourcing decisions.


BDS deliverables are designed to provide clients with timely and informative insights on current and future market trends and developments. Most importantly, this consultative service is focused on helping you take an introspective look at your business and assess options and opportunities for market expansion. Deliverables range from case histories and news to in-depth primary research and market analysis.

Inquiry & Consultation

You will benefit from ongoing and direct access to our staff of experts to answer inquires, engage in market discussions, and provide consultation. A comprehensive understanding of your industry enables our team to provide customized, actionable information and advice for your individual business needs. Inquiries and consultation can be used to:

  • Discuss industry developments
  • Interpret research
  • Understand the competitive landscape
  • Assist with strategic planning
  • Support presentation and business planning

Expert Consultants & Researchers

Our consultants serve as an extension of your management, marketing, and research teams by providing knowledge and advice geared to your specific challenges and goals. Meet the team.


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