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Functional & Industrial Printing Service (FIPS)

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Join Ron Gilboa as he discusses the landscape of Functional & Industrial Printing and analyzes the textile market to establish application, ink usage, material splits, and trends as seen by technologist, manufacturing, and distribution, and digital printing system user stakeholders.


The Functional & Industrial Printing Opportunity

InfoTrends, an industry thought leader in production digital printing solutions, is developing a range of solutions under the Functional & Industrial Printing Service (FIPS) banner. This service provides equipment manufacturers, service providers and brand owners with information, analysis, insight, research, strategy development, go-to-market, and education.

Consumer goods companies today provide their clients with an ever expanding range of products tailored to their personal needs. Short-run and just-in-time manufacturing are key drivers in developing print solutions that deliver output at the time of need in industry segments such as flexible, folding carton, & corrugated packaging, ticket, tag & label printing, decorations, 3D printing, printed electronics, and all types of functional printing. InfoTrends is addressing these segments under the umbrella terms “Functional and Industrial Printing.”

Production Digital Printing Application Landscape

These digital solutions, which today are most prevalent in graphic communications applications, are extending their impact into new areas. The migration to customized digital solutions that satisfy the needs of brand owners and product managers is why equipment manufacturers are developing new and innovative solutions in imaging, inks, material deposition, and printing technologies.

The Functional & Industrial Printing Service (FIPS) practice areas:

Color Digital Label & Packaging
Product packaging is one of the key brand ambassadors for consumer goods. It represents brand equity and helps brand owners distinguish their products in retail and online stores. As the packaging industry addresses production flow, just in time manufacturing, and the growing need for high quality output, they turn to new innovations in color science, flexography, and digital printing. This space is addressed by manufacturers, vendors, and distribution channels that provide in-line and near-line digital printing systems and solutions to address market needs and new applications.

InfoTrends established the color digital label and packaging (CDLP) consulting service in 2010 to provide analysis and forecast in this growing market: Production level digital presses that are designed specifically to print color labels and packaging. Based on electrophotographic and inkjet technologies, over 2,000 such presses are in operation globally today, generating gross billings of about $2.4 billion for the converters who use them. These color digital label and packaging presses now are the most concentrated digital printing market associated with the marketing of consumer goods. InfoTrends’ CDLP service is one module of InfoTrends’ Functional and Industrial Printing Service.

Decorative Printing
Decorative printing allows service providers to print on a wide range of substrates including ceramics, glass, metal, paper, plastic, textiles, wood, and even food (like candies, cookies, or cakes). Applications include product decoration, textiles (fabric & clothing), and floor & wall coverings. Decorative printing systems allow service providers to develop custom products that meet clients’ needs in many applications such as architectural design, clothing, fabrics, home furnishings, product design, and signage.

Functional and 3D Printing
Functional printing can be used to create electronic components (such as antennas, display panels, and resistors), electronic circuitry/products (membrane switches, solar cells, lighting, electro-acoustics, keyboards, and batteries), sensors (i.e., layers that change color or react in some way on impact or exposure to certain substances), barriers (to prevent migration of substances or to selectively allow migration), and functional surfaces (those that are water repellent or reflective).

3D printing applies layers of inkjet-ejected material to create objects such as engineering prototypes and models. This technique may be referred to as ‘additive manufacturing.’ 3D printing also has bioscience and medical applications in areas such as skin grafting or artificial organs. 3D printing enables rapid prototyping and creation of three dimensional objects to meet customer demand for timeliness, flexibility, and operational efficiency. The rapid growth in this segment can be traced to a wide range of solutions from table top devices to full size production units capable of creating major prototypes such as car components.

Functional and 3D printing are growing segments that are gaining attention across many markets.

Deliverables from the FIPS provide clients with timely, informative insights on trends and developments on end user case studies, technological innovation, and market trends. These deliverables range from news and analysis to in-depth primary research, market sizing, and forecasting.

Examples of research and other deliverables include:

A full array of color digital label & packaging service deliverables, including the most recent forecast, are available to CDLP clients. In addition, InfoTrends is in the process of launching a multi-client study that looks at the packaging needs of European brand owners. A research study in the area of functional and/or 3D printing is planned for later this year.

Inquiry & Consultation
Clients of any module of FIPS benefit from ongoing, direct access to our staff of experts who can provide timely answers to your inquiries, engage in market discussions, and provide consultation on a variety of levels. A comprehensive understanding of your market needs enables our team to provide customized, actionable information, and advice to help you meet your business objectives. Inquiries and consultation will help you with:

  • Strategic planning and product development
  • Identifying potential technology, business, and channel partners
  • Understanding and adapting to the competitive landscape
  • Interpreting the impact of research results and market trends on your business
  • Assessing the impact of market developments

Expert Consultants & Researchers
Our consultants serve as an extension of your management, marketing, business development, and research teams by providing knowledge and advice geared to your specific challenges and goals.

Meet the team
Ron Gilboa, Director

Bob Leahey, Associate Director

The Functional and Industrial Printing team have the full support of the entire InfoTrends Production group as well as the InfoTrends Consulting and Forecast teams.

For further information, please contact Scott Phinney at +1 781 616 2123 or


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