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Managed Services

The Managed Services Opportunity

Managed Print Services (MPS) has been one of the most game-changing and successful strategies for the past decade in the office equipment industry. At the same time, the success of MPS combined with the reduction in print volume revenues has created new challenges to office equipment profitability. Print and imaging vendors and their channels are moving into types of services traditionally within the domain of IT channels like systems integrators and software developers, whereas IT channels see MPS and hardware as complementing their portfolio, providing valuable revenue, and market positioning. Simultaneously, businesses have demanded the delivery of additional services through a decreasing number of third party vendors. Managed services reduce risk and expenditure on capital and operations, improved performance for employees and customers, enhanced business agility, are more secure, and provide other benefits for SMBs and enterprises.

This need for managed services providers (MSPs) to deliver more comprehensive service portfolios has generated new market dynamics. The market is moving towards the development of a wider managed services office environment, and focusing on either MPS or managed IT is not sustainable. Service vendors and their channels must capable of implementing and supporting both document and IT-centric office solutions and services. 

The managed services opportunity is tremendous in both size and scope, but the market is dynamic and sends inconsistent signals. Disruptive technologies and business models, new channels, and complex competitive landscapes are just a few of the difficulties of being a managed services provider. Numerous aspects of the office equipment and IT channels must be considered; the unique importance and connections between hardware, software, and services; and new skill sets will be required. Ultimately, only vendors that can understand these facets and map them to internal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will realize the true potential of their managed services programs.

To help you prosper in this environment, InfoTrends has expanded its Professional and Managed Print Services practice area to include the services necessary to be successful in the modern office environment. We call this the Managed Services Consulting Service (MSCS). Falling under this expanded managed services umbrella are:

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Communications and Collaboration
  • Mobility
  • Security
  • Managed Services around Cloud
  • Business Process & Workflow

This service offers executives, product and marketing managers, and senior managers the information and advice they need to outpace the competition and thrive in this dynamic marketplace. MSCS will provide clients the advantages that come with:

  • Year-round support for your marketing, product planning, product development, and strategic development decisions
  • Continuous information flow with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual deliverables
  • Unlimited inquiry access to experienced staff
  • Online access to published deliverables 24 hours a day
  • Regularly scheduled Webcasts that discuss industry trends and developments
  • Managed Print will still feature prominently in deliverables, and all past deliverables will still be available

MSCS deliverables are designed to provide clients with timely and informative insights on current and future market trends and developments. Deliverables range from news and analysis to in-depth primary research, market sizing, and forecasting. Managed Print will still feature prominently in deliverables, and past deliverables will still be available for current subscribers. Click here to learn more about our deliverables.

Inquiry & Consultation
You will benefit from ongoing and direct access to our staff of experts, who can answer inquires, engage in market discussions, and provide consultation. A comprehensive understanding of your industry enables our team to provide customized, actionable information and advice for your individual business needs. Inquiries and consultation can be used to:

  • Provide custom cuts of our forecast data
  • Identify potential business partners
  • Discuss industry developments
  • Interpret research
  • Understand the competitive landscape
  • Assist with strategic planning
  • Support presentation and business planning

Expert Consultants & Researchers
Our consultants serve as an extension of your management, marketing, and research teams by providing knowledge and advice geared to your specific challenges and goals. Meet the team.


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