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Advisory Services

InfoTrends is the leading worldwide market research and strategic consulting firm for the imaging, document solutions, production print, and digital media industries. We provide insights and advice to help clients understand market trends, identify opportunities, and grow their business.

Business Development
Production Printing Business Development Strategies
Packaging Business Development Strategies
Photo Business Development Strategies
Sales Training, Strategy, and Operational Support 
Wide Format Business Development Strategies

Consumer and Professional Imaging
Connected Imaging Trends
Digital Photography Trends - U.S.
Digital Photography Trends - Europe
Imaging Innovators Service
Photo Capture Trends - Europe
Photo Output Trends - Europe
Photo Merchandise Trends
Photo Printing Trends

Customer Communications
Customer Communications Channels & Trends
Customer Communications Management & Engagement Strategies
Enterprise Document Strategy Service for In-Plant Print Providers

Office Technology & Services
Business Process Automation
Channel Strategy Service
Communication Supplies - U.S.
Communication Supplies - Europe
Digital Peripherals Solutions  - U.S.
Digital Peripherals Solutions - Europe
Image Scanning Trends
Network Document Solutions - U.S.
Network Document Solutions - Europe
Office Vertical Market Opportunity
Professional & Managed Print Services

Production Printing & Media
Color Digital Label & Packaging
Digital Marketing & Media Trends
Document Outsourcing
Functional & Industrial Printing
On Demand Printing & Publishing - U.S.
On Demand Printing & Publishing - Europe
Production Workflow & Customized Communications - U.S.
Production Workflow & Customized Communications - Europe
Wide Format Printing





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