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Deconstructing Production Workflow: The Forecast and What it Means

InfoTrends has completed the Production Workflow forecast and this is your chance to hear what’s new and what’s changed since last year. Listen to this webinar to gain great insights into where Cloud Platforms are working as well as hear InfoTrends opinion on the next steps in Production Workflow!

Author: Pat McGrew


The Value of Cut-sheet Inkjet - The Xerox Brenva HD Production Inkjet Press

Inkjet printing technology has the potential to bring some important advantages to production environments through new cut-sheet designs. In this white paper, InfoTrends will look closely at the Xerox Brenva HD Production Inkjet Press and the opportunity it presents.

Author: Jim Hamilton


Print Three Drives Significant Online Growth Using RACAD TECH’s Technology

In this case history, InfoTrends explores the situation, the solution, and the result of Print Three's use of RACADTECH’s software solutions to provide customers with a convenient way to submit and personalize (VDP) files for printing that minimizes the amount of interaction needed between the print shop staff and customers.

Author: Ryan McAbee


Optimizing Print to Mail:The Pitney Bowes AcceleJet Printing and Finishing System

Pitney Bowes has announced a new product that fits well in the gap between existing cut-sheet electrophotographic and continuous feed inkjet color products. This gap, known as “the Zone of Disruption,” is an area where high-speed and cost-effective products are challenging existing offerings. In this white paper, InfoTrends will explore the market trends that are driving users to cost-effective inkjet solutions.

Author: Jim Hamilton


Documobi: Making Print Integral to the Mobile Experience

In this white paper, InfoTrends examines how marketers and service providers must re-engineer their processes, platforms, and organizations to accommodate today’s always-on consumers.

Author: Barb Pellow and Ryan McAbee


The U.S. Point of View (POV) Imaging Market

Join Matt O'Keefe as he discusses key findings from the InfoTrends multi-client study The U.S. Point of View (POV) Imaging Market.

Author: Matt O'Keefe


Quality in Production Digital Color

InfoTrends examines how Canon has taken the key aspect of output gloss levels to give users the ability to adjust these to optimize the results for a specific media. This aspect of ‘gloss optimization’ is important because it provides offset-like output and makes it possible to use digital and offset output interchangeably for a range of job types.

Author: Jim Hamilton


Automation and the Sharp Pro Series

Sharp’s Pro Color Series Color Document Systems, introduced in September of 2013, is made up of two models: the 75 ppm MX-7500N and the 65 ppm MX-6500N. This white paper describes the systems’ ability to produce a full-bleed color booklet with a single knife trim, its user-friendly front-end system, its reliable paper-feed system, and its very compact footprint.

Author: Jim Hamilton


Expanding the Production Capabilities of Inkjet

In this analysis, InfoTrends examines KBA’s RotaJET platform and explores the impact that this will have on the production digital print market.

Author: Jim Hamilton


Digitally Printed Textiles - The New Business of the Fabric Industry

Digital printed textiles worldwide in 2013 accounted for about 600 Million square meters of printed fabrics that are estimated to grow at 39% GAGR by 2018 to about 30 billion square meters. Join Ron Gilboa as he discusses the landscape of Functional & Industrial Printing and analyzes the textile market to establish application, ink usage, material splits, and trends as seen by technologist, manufacturing, and distribution, and digital printing system user stakeholders.

Author: Ron Gilboa


Kodak NexPress: Ongoing Platform Innovation

Kodak’s NexPress plays a significant role in the cut-sheet production color digital printer category (1-10 million color duty cycle), a market that accounts for approximately 45 billion A4/4 letter images worldwide annually. In this analysis, InfoTrends will explore how Kodak has extended the NexPress platform in terms of productivity, format size, special effects, and print modes.

Author: Jim Hamilton


The Cut-sheet Inkjet Color Revolution

InfoTrends believes that a cut-sheet inkjet color revolution is imminent in the production digital printing market. A massive change has already occurred in continuous-feed production color digital printing, and many of those benefits could transfer to cut-sheet products. To date, however, the few cut-sheet inkjet products on the market have not been able to match the success of the continuous-feed inkjet models.

Author: Jim Hamilton


North American Marketing Software Investment Outlook

Join Arianna Valentini, Senior Research Analyst for InfoTrends' Digital Marketing and Media Service, as she provides highlights of our recently completed study.

Author: Arianna Valentini


Social Photo and Video: The New Communication and Memory-Keeping Paradigm

Join Matt O'Keefe as he discusses a new study that will provide vendors and service providers with information to help them understand how to influence consumers and their imaging choices, as well as the products and services that will help satisfy consumers’ unmet needs related to photo and video expression. It will consider where revenue opportunities may lie, and how vendors can remain relevant in both digital and print worlds. For more information, please contact Matt O'Keefe at 781 616 2115 or

Author: Matt O'Keefe


Web to Print Drives Print Volume and Ensures Economic Viability

Print providers must offer web-enabled solutions to attract customers who expect an online offering. An integrated storefront solution that is linked to production eliminates time/errors and enables a better customer experience. This analysis reviews the benefits of web to print solutions and explores why PSPs need them for future success.

Author: InfoTrends


Road Map 2014: Color Digital Label and Packaging Printing

Join Bob Leahey as he counts down the top trends for 2014 in the Color Digital Label and Packaging Printing market.

Author: Bob Leahey


Road Map 2014: Document Outsourcing

Join Paul Rizzuto as he counts down the top trends for 2014 in the Document Outsourcing market.

Author: Paul Rizzuto


Trends Impacting Production in 2014

Group Director Jim Hamilton and Associate Director Lisa Cross have pulled the top 2014 trends from among all of the Road Maps of InfoTrends’ Production group consulting services. This wide-ranging and informative session draws on trends in production digital print, workflow & software solutions, document outsourcing, customer communications, digital marketing & media, transactional documents, display graphics, packaging, and decorative and functional printing. We also touched on the research initiatives we are planning for 2014.

Author: Jim Hamilton


Packaging/Brand Owner: Europe

Packaging and the Brand Owner: Europe is a multi-client study that reveals the opinions of brand owners on many issues that affect label and packaging print purchases. Join Bob Leahey, Associate Director, as he discusses how the results of this new study will define what the needs of the European market are today, assess what is needed to move it forward, and identify where the profit opportunities reside.

Author: Bob Leahey


Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Workflow Automation

Print service providers are feeling the pressure to generate new revenues from higher-margin, value-added services and implement streamlined workflows focused on super-efficiency and cost reduction.This white paper provides ten key reasons why print service providers of all types should be focusing on investing in workflow automation today.

Author: InfoTrends


Western European Enterprise Communication Requirements

Targeting specific vertical markets and establishing leadership is becoming a solid business strategy for many firms. This InfoCast discusses the objectives of a new multi client study, explains the methodology, deliverables, pricing and timeline.

Author: Lisa Cross


Disruptive Supply Chain Strategies for the Wide Format Printing Market

Join Arianna Valentini, Research Analyst, in an interview with Tim Greene, Director, as he discusses how this new study Disruptive Supply Chain Strategies for the Wide Format Printing Market will help companies identify new ways to approach managing the supply chain to improve customer loyalty, provide better brand messaging, and maximize profits. Join Matt Swain as he discusses how this study serves as a critical business planning tool for all companies with a stake in the transactional communications marketplace.

Author: Tim Greene


Office Vertical Market Analysis by CBSA

The US office document industry signaled an increased focus on paper intensive industries in 2012 with many of the market leading OEM suppliers and channel businesses aligning their organizations and go-to-market strategies to identify and address print, paper intensive applications and workflows respectively. Join Jon Reardon as he discusses how this study will deliver a robust database tool that enables market segmentation, analysis and strategic planning.

Author: Jon Reardon


Multi-channel Transactional Communications

Shifts in consumer behavior, business policies, technology, and services have driven sustained changes within the presentment and payment markets in the United States. As a result, many businesses are asking how to best support their transactional communications needs. Having a proper understanding of this landscape is paramount. Join Matt Swain as he discusses how this study serves as a critical business planning tool for all companies with a stake in the transactional communications marketplace.

Author: Matt Swain


Wide Format Printing in the Communications Mix

Signage and wide format graphics are an integral part of the marketing mix, and it represents a big opportunity for print service providers to make a big impression. Entering the market or growing an existing business starts with understanding key trends driving buyer markets. Join Lisa Cross as she shares insights from survey respondents of this newly completed research. This study, now in its third iteration, uncovers who buys wide format graphics, what they buy, and why.

Author: Tim Greene


Achieving Optimum Return on Document Expenditures

This white paper explores technological innovations that are transforming the printing industry and the ways in which we effectively use documents. The paper will provide insight on how they are enabling new applications and new business approaches, as well as how enterprises can leverage these changes to more effectively procure print and achieve the highest document ROI.

Author: Charlie Corr


Sefas: Centralized Customer Communications

This white paper explores how the customer communication landscape, along with end user expectations on how they will interact with a corporation, has evolved. The paper will provide key findings and recommendations to help answer the question: how will your organization respond?

Author: InfoTrends


Opportunities in Functional & Industrial Printing

This webinar will provide you with information about our new service area of coverage the technologies, key trends, and high level opportunities. We will take the opportunity to introduce you to the team and our new service deliverables.

Author: Ron Gilboa


Mobile Solutions & Services

Mobility is radically transforming business as it begins to penetrate organizations in various ways. The ability to understand these new dynamics of mobility within the office environment will provide leverage for traditional business solution providers. Join Anne Valaitis, InfoTrends Director, as she discusses a new multi-client study that will examine who is driving the demand for mobile solutions, what are the key drivers, and when specific mobile solutions will be adopted.

Author: Anne Valaitis


VDP Opportunity for In-Plants

In today’s online and individualized society, personalization is a growing trend. Examples of personalization can be found virtually everywhere. In this RSA-sponsored whitepaper, we will be highlighting the value-added service opportunities that variable data printing solutions can offer in-plants.

Author: Christopher Little


Pro Photo Market Survey Summary

In December 2012, InfoTrends published a research report entitled Digital Imaging and Professional Photographers: 2012 Survey Results. This study explored the behaviors of 2,315 photographers in the United States who took photos for a professional fee on a full-time or part-time basis.

Author: Ed Lee


Xerox ConnectKey InfoCast

This InfoTrends Video is a InfoCast of a Skype video conference call interview with Leah Quesada, VP Marketing, on Xerox’s new ConnectKey Platform.

Author: Randy Dazo


Road Map 2013: Office Document Solutions and Services

InfoTrends' analysts look ahead to the following year in our annual Road Map, and then predict what we believe to be the pivotal trends that will shape the market. The purpose of the Road Map InfoCast is to highlight these trends and market forces that will ripple through the industry and impact your organization in 2013..

Author: Office Group


Mobile Delivery of Customer Communications

Consumers have been conditioned to seek out mobile apps for all aspects of their lives, including interactions with the companies they do business with. This white paper discusses how changing consumer demands are driving the need for mobile delivery of customer communications.

Author: Matt Swain


Business Process Automation Consulting

Join Randy Dazo, Senior Director, Solutions & Services, as he discusses how InfoTrends' new Business Process Consulting Service will help customers identify, understand, and promote business process automation workflow solutions for manual paper-based business processes in a number of vertical industries.

Author: Randy Dazo


Document Outsourcing Service Expansion

This InfoCast discusses InfoTrends recently published multi-client study entitled "Service Expansion Opportunities for Document Outsourcing." Matt Swain, Associate Director, Document Outsourcing, discusses the project objectives, scope, and key highlights.

Author: Matt Swain


Substrate Opportunities in Production Color Printing

Join John Shane as he discusses a new multiclient study. This study is designed to provide paper mills and OEMs with insights and tools to identify paper and other substrate users’ needs by application and technology in the digital production color printing environment. This Webinar discusses the objectives of this multiclient study, explain the methodology, deliverables, pricing and timeline.

Author: John Shane


CCM in the Enterprise - Overcoming Implementation Challenges

The communication landscape is rapidly evolving. Digital, online and mobile communication channels provide new opportunities for enterprises to interact with their customers in more efficient ways, while developments such as color printing and on-statement, personalized messaging increase the value of the printed piece as well. CCM solutions provide the technology to manage and distribute those communications holistically, however one of the key challenges today is the growing disconnect between the potential of CCM technology to deliver those cutting-edge communication strategies and the ability of enterprises to implement them.

Author: Kaspar Roos


European SMB Marketing Automation Opportunity

With the expansion of media types and added channels, SMBs are seeking new opportunities to acquire and retain customers. Join Kaspar Roos as he discusses a new multi-client study that will examine the changing SMB marketing and business communications automation opportunity in Europe.

Author: Kaspar Roos


Highcon Euclid: Enabling Digital Packaging

This white paper explores the critical drivers that make digital packaging a good business opportunity. The paper also considers the impact that Euclid will have on streamlining workflow for converters of all sizes, using both litho and digital presses to print.

Author: Barb Pellow/Barney Cox


Enterprise Communication Requirements

Targeting specific vertical markets and establishing leadership in it is becoming a solid business strategy for many firms. This InfoCast discusses the objectives of a new multi client study, explains the methodology, deliverables, pricing and timeline.

Author: Lisa Cross


Effectively Managing the Order Lifecycle

In an effort to streamline and automate production workflows, print service providers have invested in a wide variety of software solutions, from desktop publishing and prepress workflow to MIS and web-to-print. This InfoTrends white paper takes a look at how implementing integration platforms can connect these systems together by harvesting, processing, and standardizing order information to help optimize the entire production workflow.

Author: Bryan Yeager, Stephanie Pieruccini


HP's Path to the Next Generation of Production Digital Color Printing

In this white paper InfoTrends provides an update on HP’s Inkjet Web Press family, delineates its market impact, and shows how the resources that HP has invested in this initiative are matched with ambitious plans and strong expectations for market success at high levels of quality and productivity.

Author: Jim Hamilton


Transforming Textile Printing

Join Barney Cox as he discusses a new multi-client study that will take a look at major factors driving change in the global textile printing market. Transforming Textile Printing will answer key questions surrounding how digital technologies will significantly influence this space.

Author: Barney Cox


Global Graphics Demonstrates Power with Latest Harlequin RIP

This whitepaper explores the strengths of the Harlequin RIP technology and highlights the role Global Graphics plays in shaping this changing print landscape. The paper also features an independent speed-test carried out by the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to demonstrate the performance of the Harlequin technology.

Author: Kaspar Roos


What Do Converters Want?

Join Bob Leahey as he discusses a new multi-client study that aims to help technology vendors understand what label and packaging converters think about color digital printing and what they will require from that technology in the future. What Do Converters Want? Emerging Opportunities for Color Digital Printing of Labels and Packaging will take a look at the future for this young and dynamic market for color digital printing.

Author: Bob Leahey


Business Process Automation Opportunities in Vertical Markets

InfoTrends will be studying the four paper intensive vertical industries of Healthcare, Legal, Financial Services and Education markets, mapping business processes and identifying opportunities to automate them with input, capture, workflow, mobile and output solutions. This Webinar discusses the objectives of this multi client study, explains the methodology, deliverables, pricing and timeline.

Author: Randy Dazo


Substrates and Inkjet: The Move toward Higher Quality Output

New technologies, such as high-speed production monochrome and color inkjet systems, place increased demands on substrates. Choosing a substrate that works well for any given print application depends on a number of factors. In this white paper, the second in a two-part series, InfoTrends looks at these factors and how end users can leverage tools, such as Kodak’s Prosper Paper Rating System, to make informed substrate decisions based on the requirements of their print applications.

Author: Jim Hamilton


High Speed Inkjet in Hybrid Configurations

There is a great change underway in the printing market as high-speed monochrome, spot, and process color inkjet technologies are applied in hybrid on-press and standalone production system configurations. In this document, InfoTrends investigates the on-press opportunities presented by these technologies, using Kodak’s new Prosper S Series Imprinting Systems as an example.

Author: Jim Hamilton


A DI Press in B2+ Format: The Presstek 75DI

In this white paper, InfoTrends looks at the Presstek 75DI’s capabilities in comparison to competitive digital production color and conventional offset press offerings. Capable of speeds of 16,000 B2+ format sheets per hour and supporting sheet sizes up to a 31.02″ x 23.62″ (788 x 600 mm) format, the 75DI joins the 52DI and 34DI in the Presstek product line.

Author: Jim Hamilton


Capturing the SMB Marketing Automation Opportunity

Join Stephanie Pieruccini as she discusses the key highlights from InfoTrends recently published study - Capturing the SMB Marketing Automation Study. Stephanie will review the market opportunity, discuss the study goals and objectives, outline the project methodology, and present key findings from the research results. Find out why you need to focus on SMBs. Listen in now.

Author: Stephanie Pieruccini


An Outlook for CDLP at drupa 2012

Join Bob Leahey, Associate Director of InfoTrends’ Color Digital Label and Package (CDLP) continuous information service as he presents a preliminary view of the major themes coming up at drupa 2012. Bob will review key issues and discuss why drupa 2012 will be a "packaging drupa". Listen to The Outlook for CDLP at drupa 2012 InfoCast now.

Author: Bob Leahey


Digital Front-Ends Study Highlights

This InfoCast discusses InfoTrends recently published multi-client study entitled "Digital Front-Ends: Understanding Customer Requirements and Market Dynamics." Kaspar Roos, project manager for the study, discusses key highlights.

Author: Kaspar Roos


Mobile: The Digital On-Ramp for Traditional Media

Mobile technology, including mobile codes, mobile messaging, and even augmented reality, acts as an on-ramp to the digital world when integrated with print and other traditional, offline media types. In fact, marketers’ use of integrated mobile campaigns and initiatives has almost tripled in the past year alone.

Author: Bryan Yeager


A Two-Pronged Approach: Kodak’s Inkjet Substrate Strategy

In this white paper, we look at the benefits of this strategy and how Kodak has gone about implementing it by building on a foundation of knowledge in substrates, inks, color, and image quality. This white paper is the first of a two-part series. The second white paper will explore substrate strategies for achieving high-quality output on inkjet systems, and particularly how substrates can be leveraged in ways that may go against conventional wisdom.

Author: Jim Hamilton


The High Speed Continuous Color Inkjet Opportunity

This InfoCast discusses InfoTrends recently published multi-client study entitled " The High Speed Continuous Color Inkjet Opportunity." Ralf Schlözer, project manager for the study, discusses the project objectives, methodology, and key highlights.

Author: Ralf Schlözer


What to Expect at drupa 2012 Webinar

drupa is the most anticipated graphic arts trade show in the world. Every four years people from all corners of the earth converge on Düsseldorf, Germany for nearly two weeks. Vendors agonize over their show themes and build multi-story exhibits, bringing in lots of equipment and setting up long in advance. At the last drupa in 2008 there were more than 1,900 exhibitors and nearly 400,000 attendees across seventeen halls. This show covers everything from design to finishing, and then some. In 2012 the show will take place from May 3rd to 16th and already hardware, software, and solutions providers are throwing out hints about what they will have at drupa. Others are keeping quiet, hoping for a big bang at the show.

Author: Jim Hamilton


The Emergence of Digital Mailbox Services: A Study Overview

This InfoCast discusses InfoTrends recently published multi-client study entitled "The Emergence of Digital Mailbox Services." Matt Swain, project manager for the study, discusses the project objectives, methodology, and key highlights.

Author: Matt Swain


The Strategic Value of an In-House Printing Operation: Trends and Best Practices

This analysis into the in-house printing environment was conducted by InfoTrends and was made possible by Xerox sponsorship. In this white paper, InfoTrends leverages existing research and adds to that information three case studies covering a range of in-house printing operations.

Author: InfoTrends Team


InfoTrends Briefing at Graph Expo

Did you miss InfoTrends breakfast briefing at Graph Expo? Download the presentation now. The InfoTrends' team gives an executive overview of the critical trends impacting your company's strategy.

Author: InfoTrends Team


Packaging and the Brand Owner: Key Study Highlights (InfoCast)

This InfoCast discusses InfoTrends recently published multi-client study entitled "Packaging and the Brand Owner." Bob Leahey, project manager for the study, discusses the project objectives, methodology, and key highlights.

Author: Bob Leahey


Extending MGI's Market Impact: Introducing the Meteor DP8700 XL

On June 6th, MGI announced a new member of the Meteor family, the Meteor DP8700 XL. Capable of speeds of 71 A4/letter pages per minute and supporting up to a 13” x 40” format as a standard feature1, the Meteor DP8700 XL joins a product family that includes existing 35- and 65 ppm members. The announcement of the DP8700 XL makes the Meteor product line even more competitive versus other production color print products.

Author: InfoTrends Team


Digital Asset Management... It’s Changing!

Digital Asset Management (DAM) has become integral in the publishing process for mass media such as magazines, newspapers, and television. However, the scope of DAM users and their requirements are quickly changing with the proliferation of media channels such as social media, mobile, video, 3D objects, and the cloud. Furthermore, the need for integration with other types of infrastructure (data analytics, campaign management, ERP, CRM) is a critical force that is driving the development of DAM solutions.



Xerox ColorQube: Breaking New Ground in Office Color Printing

Approximately two years since the original launch of the ColorQube products, Xerox has announced the latest version of its solid ink-based Multifunction Peripheral (MFP) platform. The ColorQube 9200 MFP was a groundbreaking product—not only for Xerox, but for the rest of the industry—because it made high-performance, high quality color affordable for the office workgroup. As a milestone product, InfoTrends believes it is important to review market activity over the past 18 months to gauge the success of the ColorQube program.

Author: InfoTrends Team


Transitioning to Digital

This document was prepared as background for Jim Hamilton’s testimony to the Committee on House Administration Subcommittee on Oversight hearing on “GPO – Issues and Challenges: How Will GPO Transition to the Future?” It provides commentary and an overview of InfoTrends statistics relevant to the transition from long-run conventional print processes to digital print and electronic delivery.

Author: Jim Hamilton


Emerging Markets for the Consumer Digital Imaging Industry InfoCast

This InfoCast provides an overview of InfoTrends' multi-client study, Emerging Markets for the Consumer Digital Imaging Industry. This study includes reports on Brazil, China, India, and Mexico. Key highlights and their implications for the market are examined.

Author: Matt O'Keefe


What's New at On Demand

This document provides an overview of just some of the announcements that are being made during ON DEMAND 2011 in Washington, DC. It contains information on those companies that provided InfoTrends with new product or service announcements prior to the show.

Author: InfoTrends Team


HP T400 Inkjet Web Press Enters a New Realm of Digital Print Productivity

HP has added a new member to the Inkjet Web Press family. The T400, with a 42-inch web width and speeds up to 600 feet per minute, is capable of producing 5,236 letter-size pages per minute in color and in black & white. Going to a wider web width than the current Inkjet Web Press products is a natural extension of the product line and puts the T400 at the peak of digital print productivity. This extends a trend that has been building over the past years in which high-speed continuous-feed color inkjet products are bringing digital print into high-volume applications that have to date been unreachable with other digital technologies.

Author: Jim Hamilton


Western Europe Supplies Market Trends

InfoTrends recently presented at the Remax@paperworld event in January. This presentation reviews the key trends and makret developments in the Western European supplies market. Download the presentation and learn about print volume, installed base, as well as OEM vs. aftermarket trends. You will also walk away with Infotrends recommendations.

Author: Catherine Cresswell


The Opportunity for Capture in Latin America

This InfoCasts highlights some top level findings from InfoTrends' recent multi-client study titled "The Opportunity for Capture in Latin America".

Author: Anne Valaitis


InfoBriefing during Graph Expo

At an exclusive breakfast briefing during Graph Expo the InfoTrends' team presented a comprehensive overview of the key opportunities and trends impacting the production digital printing market.

Author: InfoTrends Team


Business Applications for Photo Publishing

This InfoCasts highlights some top level findings from InfoTrends' recent multi-client study titled "Business Applications for Photo Publishing".

Author: Matt O'Keefe


Print and the Future of Integrated Graphic Communications

This white paper provides a summary of the issues and opportunities facing technology vendors and service providers as the market transitions towards integrated graphic communications. This paper is based on comments made by InfoTrends President Jeff Hayes during his keynote speech at this year's ON DEMAND Conference and Exposition.

Author: Jeff Hayes


Consumer Trends in Online Photo Sharing:The Convergence of Social Networks and Online Photo Services

There are more options than ever before for consumers who want to share their photos online. Hundreds of millions of photos are shared each month on social networking sites, where output opportunities are generally limited. Online photo services, on the other hand, produce billions of prints each year, along with countless other custom photo gifts and merchandise, but lack many of the social features that attract users for sharing and viewing. This session will present highlights of InfoTrends’ 2009 U.S. research covering consumers’ use of social networking sites (with an emphasis on photo sharing activities) and more traditional online photo services.

Author: Alan Bullock


Prints, Books, Calendars and Cards: From Niche to Mainstream

Digital photo prints and merchandise have proven their staying power in a challenging economy by continuing to appeal to consumers that are keeping a close eye on their finances. This session will give a market overview of both the digital photo printing and photo merchandise markets, presenting the most significant findings from recent InfoTrends consumer surveys, as well as a look at the factors that will influence the market over the next few years. InfoTrends most up-to-date forecast data for both the digital photo print and photo merchandise markets will also be shared.

Author: David Haueter




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