InfoTrends Continues to Build on the Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera Multi-client Series


Since 2008, InfoTrends, (a division of Keypoint Intelligence), has been offering the imaging community an annual segmentation and profiling study of both current and future owners of digital interchangeable lens cameras (ILCs). To build on research conducted in 2016, InfoTrends is offering a new report titled The 2017 U.S. Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera Study. This study will once again be based on an extensive review of both new and existing research, a consumer survey, and interviews with vendors. The study will provide insight on:

  • What motivates non-owners to enter the buying cycle
  • Motivators and drivers behind replacement and upgrade cycles for interchangeable lens cameras
  • The lens ownership landscape and the need/desire for additional lenses
  • The importance of video capture and its usage
  • Demographic profiling of all current owners and future owners of ILCs
  • Examination of owner and future owner attitudes, behaviors, and preferences
  • Use of software and mobile apps (creative, editing, management, workflow)
  • The size, segment, and forecast of the market by price band (units, revenue)
  • The opportunities and strategies for technology vendors

“The study will focus heavily on ILC ‘intenders’ as part of the research,” commented Ed Lee, Group Director. “It will pay careful attention to these intenders and what motivates them, what inhibits them, what marketing messages appeal to them, and how they go about choosing an ILC. It will also take a deeper look at the opportunities for lenses, with an eye towards what will prompt different types of ILC owners to purchase additional lenses.”

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