InfoTrends Tracks the Growth Opportunity in Value-added Special Effects for Production Print


(Weymouth, MA) January 31, 2017...Much of production color digital document printing has been process color only, where everything is reproduced with cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks or toners. This is changing. In addition to the work of early digital print pioneers whose devices printed a fifth, sixth, or even seventh color, there has been a dramatic market expansion over the past few years characterized by digital devices with special effect enhancement capabilities. This has been occurring not only with devices supporting more than process color in-line, but also with a new class of off-line devices (mostly leveraging UV inkjet technologies) that produce a range of innovative dimensional, foil, and other effects. InfoTrends’ Beyond CMYK: The Use of Special Effects in Digital Printing provides both research and market sizing to help demonstrate the impact of this trend.

This study: 

  • Explores the usage, effectiveness, pricing, and customer requirements of digitally printed special effects in the U.S. and Western Europe
  • Estimates the market opportunity, develops a market size and forecast for the U.S. and Western Europe
  • Helps printer technology vendors with product development decisions and accelerating market adoption
  • Helps print service providers with product investment decisions and accelerating revenue growth

In this study InfoTrends found that there is a massive opportunity for digital print enhancement within promotional printing applications that has barely been penetrated. Nearly 1.8 trillion color pages in the U.S. and Western Europe (around 30% of the total color pages) currently receive some type of special effects enhancement, mostly through conventional processes. 46% of the offset printed material requires two or more enhancements, for example, a clear spot coating and a Pantone color. InfoTrends believes that many commercial printers already have sufficient short-run enhanced offset print volumes to justify a digital in-line or off-line enhancement system. Yet, only about half a percent of these pages are being enhanced with a digital process today.

There is a tremendous opportunity for digitally produced special effect enhancements to grow, yet certain types of enhancements present more of an opportunity than others. In addition, there are barriers to these opportunities that must be overcome to ensure success. This study provides an over of the market opportunity as well as recommendations to help players succeed.

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