Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends Publishes New Study on High Speed Inkjet Printing in Commercial Print Markets


InfoTrends, a division of Keypoint Intelligence, is pleased to announce the completion of its latest study entitled High Speed Inkjet Printing in Commercial Print Markets. This study provides deep insights about applications, usage, and adoption that can help equipment manufacturers and paper mills to guide product strategy and go-to-market development efforts. This research provides insights from existing print service providers of high speed inkjet in key market segments in North America and Europe. The study explores a range of topics such as current technology usage and challenges, as well as exploring PSP needs and requirements from the next wave of high speed inkjet solutions.

This landmark research highlights a range of opportunities including print volume. For example, our research indicates that 82% of the volume produced on sheet-fed inkjet devices is for run-lengths below 10,000 pieces. At the same time, the majority of volume for other sheet-fed offset and digital devices is also used for similar run-lengths, presenting a significant opportunity for sheet-fed inkjet, providing that inkjet is more efficient, cost effective, and/or punctual than both offset and digital EP printing. The study further analyzes run-length comparisons in more detail, as well as these other factors.

“Current owners of high-speed inkjet devices are seeing a return on investment and are poised to continue their investment in inkjet. This growth is fueled by expanded capabilities such as compatible coated stocks as well as with sheet-fed and lighter duty cycle device configurations,” says Steve Adoniou, Group Director of Consulting and Research at InfoTrends.

InfoTrends conducted 68 in-depth interviews with existing high speed inkjet customers, 261 structured interviews via web and phone with existing and prospective high speed inkjet customers, 20 vendor interviews, and extensive desk research and analysis of survey and quarterly shipment data. From this research, InfoTrends found that the high speed inkjet market continues to grow, with total pages from high speed inkjet presses expecting to grow by 17% worldwide in the next five years. InfoTrends also found that this volume will come from both existing toner and analog devices.

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