Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends Reports on Key Trends and Market Dynamics Influencing Communication Decision Makers Media Choices across Industries


InfoTrends (a division of Keypoint Intelligence) released the results of its new research study In Search of Business Opportunities: Finding the Right Prospects. This comprehensive report identifies communication spending, usage, trends and dynamics across key industries. The study surveyed communication decision makers in small, medium, and large organizations, across multiple industries, to uncover the key trends and challenges influencing media choice, purchasing requirements, vendor selection, and selling opportunities. 

This study addresses key considerations and recommendations to help organizations that offer communication products and services to better understand the unique needs, preferences, and services that customers in select industries value. Businesses and organizations of all sizes invest significantly in efforts to communicate with customers, steer operations, accelerate sales, and drive revenue. Finding the right combination of channels —print, online, mobile, social media—and the best service providers is an ongoing challenge many organizations face.

According to Lisa Cross, Associate Director of InfoTrends’ Business Development Strategies Service, “Selling communication products, services, and technologies requires having a deep understanding of customers’ and prospects’ competitive market. Industries have unique needs, preferences, and buyer requirements. This study offers valuable insights on communication buyers to assist providers in targeting opportunities.”

Through this research, InfoTrends gathered insights from 749 enterprise-size organizations and 1,010 small and medium-sized businesses on:

  • Current and future spending by media type and industry
  • Industry communication preferences
  • Key industry marketing challenges  
  • Use of print, e-Mail, mobile, and social media marketing and the rate of transition to digital media
  • Use of internal vs. external print/communication service providers
  • Key criteria for selecting providers

The two components of this study (Enterprise and SMB) provide research on the many opportunities for providers, vendors, and suppliers to guide, support, and provide services to maximize communications to grow their businesses.

Each of these studies may be purchased individually or as a complete package. For further details, please view our online brochure or contact Deanna Flanick at or +1.973.985.2431.

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