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Security remains one of the hottest areas for both businesses and consumers, and the Security Camera area specifically continues to heat up. Over the past six months, Keypoint Intelligence has ramped up its testing facilities to accommodate this new category as we begin to invest in the security space.

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Our Testing Methodology

Our Testing Methodology

Our lab technicians and analysts developed a proprietary testing methodology of a dozen consumer-class security cameras from leading manufacturers to stress each camera’s abilities.

Areas of investigation were focused on attributes most important to end users including:

  • Ease of setup
  • Intuitiveness of the associated mobile app
  • Status and alert notifications
  • Remote camera controls

Triggering features tested include:

  • Audio
  • Proximity
  • Ability to distinguish between animals and humans

Indoor/outdoor optics settings tested for:

  • Quality
  • Limitations in various conditions

Winners were chosen for:

  • Feature set
  • Ease of use
  • Image quality
  • Overall value

Test reports are the results from months of hands-on lab testing and analyst evaluation to determine the most noteworthy to garner our prestigious Analyst Choice Award.

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Outstanding Midrange Home Security Camera

Arlo Essential Wireless Security Camera

Outstanding Outdoor Home Security Camera

eufy SoloCam E40

Outstanding Budget Home Security Camera

Nooie Cam Outdoor

What’s next?

Business Security Camera Testing

Later this year we will be looking at the entire ecosystem of business security cameras including the camera hardware, software solution, monitoring solutions and additional capabilities specific to the business camera category.

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