Outstanding Achievement

Canon, HP and Oce Win BLI Outstanding Achievement Awards

Spring 2008


June 13, 2008 - Hackensack (NJ) – Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging products and solutions, announced 2008 “Outstanding Achievement Awards” today, with Canon U.S.A., Hewlett-Packard Company and Océ North America being honored. The awards were announced in conjunction with the company’s semi-annual “Pick” awards, which recognize the products that gave the best performances in BLI’s unique lab tests.
Canon Workflow Composer Honored
Canon was honored with an “Outstanding Achievement Award” for its innovative Workflow Composer.
The Workflow Composer option helps Canon imageRUNNER MFP users save time and increase efficiency by automating multi-step workflows into simple one-touch commands. For example, instead of individually executing all the steps required to scan, copy, distribute and archive a report each time the task arises, users or IT administrators can instead program the actions and settings once using Workflow Composer and assign the task to a button accessible from the MFP’s control panel. And unlike less sophisticated “favorites” functions common on other devices, which simply save the settings of a scan or copy job, Workflow Composer allows users to register a button that encompasses all of the scanning, editing, document merging, printing and sending settings necessary, including the document itself, for an entire task.
“Almost every organization has document-related chores that get repeated day in and day out, with users entering the settings from scratch each time,” said Pete Emory, BLI’s manager of lab testing. “With Workflow Composer, you can make even complex jobs a snap to perform, enhancing ease of use, productivity and multitasking abilities at once.
In fact, we put Workflow Composer to practical use in our lab to automate parts of our testing when evaluating imageRUNNER models.” Emory also noted that Workflow Composer macros are easy to program; they can be entered and saved directly via the MFP’s control panel, or built within the graphical Workflow Composer utility (loaded on a PC workstation) and pushed out to multiple imageRUNNER devices on the network.
“Canon’s Workflow Composer was designed to increase the efficiency of routine operations that use multiple functions of imageRUNNER machines,” said Sam Yoshida, vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A. “The Outstanding Achievement Award from Buyers Lab demonstrates that the innovative Workflow Composer has helped enhance users’ overall productivity on our imageRUNNER models.”
HP CM8060 Color MFP Earns Acclaim For Innovation
One of two HP office-class products to feature its Edgeline inkjet technology, the HP CM8060 Color MFP is the recipient of an “Outstanding Achievement Award” for innovation.
The CM8060 Color MFP proved itself admirable in BLI’s testing, separating itself from the pack with innovative features not regularly seen on its copier MFP competitors for a price that is the lowest of competitive models. Featuring a very large, well-labeled color touch-screen control panel, the CM8060 Color MFP also raises the bar for ease of removing misfeeds, providing live-action video on the control panel and LEDs throughout the device to guide users.
The device also features OCR capability built into the engine so that all OCRing is done at the machine. “With this capability, users can find the documents they need without having to install software,” said BLI Senior Associate Editor George Mikolay.
The HP CM8060 Color MFP takes leaps and bounds forward in regard to being an environmentally friendly machine as well. Whereas the photoconductors used by competitive models have to be disposed of, with the HP CM 8060, the imaging unit is the print head. The device also ships with no Styrofoam and no cardboard.
Featuring robust construction, with metal rather than plastic parts, the unit also offers very good color print and copy productivity when outputting letter-size documents.
While having a flat appearance in comparison with laser output, image quality was still found to be very good overall. The clear bonding agent it uses successfully prevented the smearing typically associated with ink technology.
“I really liked the fact that the CM8060 Color MFP is programmed to calibrate at an off-hours time when it’s not likely to be in use,” said Emory. “Many color copier MFPs in this range calibrate frequently at various intervals, which decreases productivity.”
“HP is thrilled to receive an ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award from Buyer’s Laboratory recognizing innovation in a technology that HP devoted significant investment in for our customers,” said Karl Schwenkmeyer, vice president, worldwide marketing, Inkjet Systems, HP. “We delivered the HP CM8060 Color MFP with Edgeline Technology to exceed customer needs, offering them best-in-class operating costs, performance and reliability together with intuitive controls and excellent output quality, ultimately helping them increase business productivity.”
Océ Gemini Technology Recognized For Technical Innovation
Océ has earned an “Outstanding Achievement Award” for its Gemini instant duplex printing technology that is found in the VarioPrint 6250, which recently earned a Highly Recommended rating from BLI’s lab. The technology is also available on Océ’s VarioPrint 6160 and 6200. Gemini technology involves imaging both sides of the paper at the same time using dual-imaging belt (organic photoconductor) and fuser (TTF) modules, which in the case of the VarioPrint 6250, resulted in speeds of 250 impressions per minute in duplex mode across the full range of media types and weights.
With its single-pass duplex system, the Océ VarioPrint 6250 has the simplest paper path of models in the marketplace. Unlike with rival devices, there is no need for reverse direction clutches, flipping of sheets or dual printing steps for double-sided tab printing, all of which helps minimize reliability issues and operator errors. This was seen during BLI’s extensive 10-million-impression test, in which the unit proved to be highly reliable, experiencing a misfeed rate of just one per 333,333 impressions.
“During the course of our extensive four-month evaluation of the Océ VarioPrint 6250, the true value of Gemini technology quickly became apparent with very impressive paper feeding reliability across all supported media weights, perfect front-to-back registration capabilities and double-sided output at the same rate as single-sided output,” said David Sweetnam, BLI European Lab and Research Manager.
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