HP Launches New Home Printers at Opportune Time

Devices, Associated App, and Content Enable Home Learning



Christine Dunne


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HP is launching new home printers at a time when everybody (rather almost everybody) is…well…home. Seems like a good idea, right? What’s more is that the new ENVY devices, which are targeted at home learning, integrate new and innovative features responding to clear trends in the market.


HP ENVY Pro 6400


No doubt, the education market was already a top print volume opportunity. According to our estimates, approximately 99 billion pages are printed annually within the US education sector—many of these for learning purposes. With research showing print’s advantages for concentration (e.g., no pop-up messages, unnecessary content, blue light) and satisfaction among children, this is likely to persist well into the future.


The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly spurred the use of online platforms like Seesaw, Google Classroom, and Zoom for students at home to learn, access work, and complete assignments. At the same time, families are needing—or choosing—to print some of this material.


In fact, HP has cited Edelman research showing increased use of print by parents during the pandemic. As of April:

  • 69% printed more often
  • 66% printed material for school
  • 41% printed games and activities
  • 71% will keep printing education resources after schools reopen


In April, HP hustled to help families transitioning to learning at home by introducing Print, Play & Learn, a free online resource offering over 450 free printable learning resources.


Sample of educational resources at HP Print, Play & Learn



Now HP is enabling home printing and other document workflows (e.g., copy, scan, fax) through the new print devices. HP is introducing two models: the HP ENVY 6000 ($129 USD) and the HP ENVY Pro 6400 Pro ($149). Key features include:

  • A smart, discrete control panel that intuitively lights up when needed
  • Neutral white and cement color options that blend into their surroundings (and more colors planned for future)
  • Self-healing dual-band Wi-Fi to keep users connected
  • Ability to automatically receive replacement ink through HP Instant Ink program
  • Set up that takes just minutes
  • Compatibility with the HP Smart app


The HP Smart app is referred to as the “ultimate printer accessory,” and it can be used to set up the printer; access new Print, Play, & Learn content; send a secure fax without a landline (Pro 6400 model only); capture high-quality scans of completed forms and homework assignments; print saved documents; edit and embellish photos; as well as connect to cloud services.


The mobile app certainly capitalizes on the growing adoption of mobile and cloud workflows by students and families. Support for Instant Ink responds to growth of subscription services, and the smart contextual UI—which has buttons appear only when needed—aligns with expansion of artificial intelligence for usability purposes.


The use of more than 20% recycled plastic in the device, up to 70% reused content in the ink cartridges, and double-sided printing capability correspond with a greater focus on sustainability in society. A flatbed scanner and 35-sheet auto document feeder (Pro 6400 model only) support the move toward digitization as well as the back and forth (print then scan or scan then print) between print and digital occurring in many homes.


While these devices are low-end as far as print speed (10/7 ppm in black/color) and monthly duty cycle (up to 1,000 pages), their smart capabilities make them just as (or even more) powerful as higher-end models in the market. Furthermore, for families that are printing fewer than 30 pages per day, the very low machine price may be worth the cost per page.


Our bliQ subscribers can easily calculate the cost per page and overall cost of these and other printers with our TCO Analysis tool. To obtain these totals, users input the printer model, number of months expected to own/lease the device, average monthly print volume, and estimated percentage of pages printed in color. Check it out today!


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