Cloud and Remote Workforce in the New Workplace

Virtual Summit webinar highlights centralizing workflow, decentralizing employees



Carl Schell



From communication to collaboration to conferencing and everything in between, what can’t be done in the cloud these days? And it goes without saying that the remote workforce isn’t just some passing phase—it’s real, with legs to last several lifetimes.


In mid-September, I hosted the fifth webinar in our New Workplace Virtual Summit with the stellar panel of Brian Suerth, President of the Technology Assurance Group; Dale Stein, Co-Founder of TAG; and Mark Wadnizak, CEO and President of i-NETT. Over an informative hour focused on strategy, the session explored the cloud and the remote workforce and why vendors and dealers in the print space need to keep this pair of topics at the forefront of their minds.



The New Workplace Virtual Summit was conceived to help traditional “print” people understand the new ecosystem of innovation that will shape the way business gets done during COVID-19 and beyond—until the next seismic shift occurs.


For the cloud and remote workforce session, the introduction presented the benefits of both and what they can add up to when fully invested. Suerth then spoke on what has not been working in the office IT-wise since the coronavirus hit, concluding with an education and evaluation process to fuel success with employees, management, and technology. For MSP insight and perspective, Wadnizak put the spotlight on cloud platforms—Microsoft Azure, most notably—and desktop-as-a-service. Stein did double duty by discussing how to build best practices for the remote workforce as well as charting new opportunities, such as home office print and management.


Watch the Embracing Cloud Solutions and the Remote Workforce webinar today!


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