The Dealer Channel Sets Its Sights on e-Com

Highlights from the 2021 BTA National Conference



Anthony Sci



The Business Technology Association (BTA) kicked off its 2021 National Conference last week in Coronado, California, celebrating a whopping 95 years. Not only was the number of years in business something to shout out about, but also the opportunity to network with partners for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.


After many months of subdued living, working at home, and enforced social distancing, it was truly momentous to see some familiar faces and enjoy the chance to talk business again in a setting steeped with history. (The Hotel del Coronado was the setting for the 1958 filming of “Some Like It Hot”, starring Marilyn Monroe.) Slightly less glamourous—but nevertheless exciting—was the BTA’s conference and exhibition that spanned themes such as leadership, the abnormality of the new normal, dealer acquisitions, prospecting, culture, and onboarding.


Through many of the educational sessions as well as networking with peers, one theme emerged as top of mind for all, namely e-Commerce (e-Com). This is an area that Keypoint Intelligence (KPI) has been working with BTA to help dealerships stay focused on what counts. The pandemic forced many office workers and companies to shift their purchasing process to the e-Com channel and many traditional office equipment dealers were left out in the rain. It’s no wonder: the past 40 years of office equipment have been focused on the value-added local dealership at your side and no one could have predicted the global pandemic and swing to e-Com.


Strong Investment in e-Com

A recent KPI survey showed that more than 50% of US resellers offering office equipment have already invested in an e-Commerce store to compare and order products. The mood on the show floor also showed that many resellers are frightened by the thought, as they believe it will undermine their value-add or brand. Therefore, it is important to work with strong partners who can support resellers into the next phase of their existence. KPI’s UVERCE platform is a turnkey and maintenance-free e-Com solution for office equipment dealers. Check it out here.


The beauty of UVERCE is twofold: Firstly, it’s a state-of-the-art e-Commerce solution that is customizable to every single dealership, and each can choose just how far they want to go. Secondly, it benefits from KPI’s 60 years in the office equipment industry and the backbone of products and configurations supported by the BLI product database.


We at KPI look to many future years of successful partnership with the BTA. If you are interested about learning more about UVERCE, please contact for more info.